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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by General Melchett, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    So they put on this new JPA system.

    They tell me I must complete the online JPA thingy bob.

    They tell me I must also complete the line managers online JPA wotsit.

    Both of which I MUST carry out before April or there will be trouble. Oooo.

    However, they won't give me a JPA login so I can't actually use the damn thing and now I've forgotten how it all works.

  2. Your Unit HR staff are clearly rubbish.
  3. Weve got the JPA logins now, everyone in the unit has to have it by 1st June but we havent got terminals for the blokes to use yet.

    Ive done both JPA courses aswell but until we get to use it im still a bit baffled. Problem is as a line manager will we be made scape goats if things go wrong :? as we arent clerks and dont have enough hours in the day for our own work never mind admin clerks aswell. :(
  4. You do not need to a JPA Login to complete the e-learning packages, visit you clerks they will show you where you can find it. Then when you complete the training, take the completion certificate (which prints out automatically) give it to your clerks and they will give your Login.

    It's all very simple but without access you cannot do your job as a man manager properly as there will be workflow building up on your account.

    Administration is not just a clerk thing, good leadership encompasses good administration and it is up to all commanders to get on JPA and make it work.
  5. Just make sure that your connected to a printer as your scuppered, Our RAO admitted that when he did it first time he went to print and no printer so had to do it again :wink:
  6. Sadly that is what has come to pass. However a much better system was that during which the Pay Staff were the the experts, allowing Soldiers to soldier whilst their admin was sorted by the RAPC experts. The sad dilution of the RAPC by merging it into a Corps to protect a single 2 Star post has brought us to JPA and the disasters that awit its full inception. It is ashame, neverheless a fact. Unfortunately slating folks for poor admin or leadership and requiring themn to make JPA work does seem a bit strange. Just a thought!
  7. Welcome to the life of the AGC (SPS) clerk. Oh it sucks dont it? We also dont have enough hours in the day for our ow work, never mind that of some one from a Sqn, who cant be arsed to read any DIN, Part one Order or such like that has been published.


  8. No problem mate Ill see you out on the tank park in your covvies :D
  9. Is it me, or have you completely missed the point that GM was making? I completed the e learning in April. Do I have a password - no, do I have a login - no, is there any chance of one on the horizon............
  10. I actually think i am the only clerk i know with a set of covvies. From being a bad boy, but hey ho. I would love to get out on to the tank park, but the boss has me in the office, chained to the desk, sorting out other peoples admin! Shit happens eh?

  11. Rng the JPAC and they will ask you for your National insurance number, give them that, and you will get a password. Any Clerk worth his/her salt would tell you that. Just need to ask mate!!
  12. Like 90% of the british army 'ignorance is bliss for Jpa' soldiers have taken for granted the fact the clerk has looked after them in the past. But time is going to tell, as the soldiers who have paid lip service to thier JPA training its going to bite them on the arrse. Clerks are struggling enough to make sure things are right for a commerical package that has been developed to military salary system....So my advice redo your JPA training - open JSP 752 AND 754/DIN and read and learn something, for the people who cant read this - my suggestion is start janet and john books them work up slowly to JSP's.........It about time soldiers took more responsibility for thier own actions, instead of blaming the clerks, because after all they have themselves with the implementation JPA....... The reason why the culpability will no longer lie with the MOD but with the soldier, thats one the main reasons they developed it , and also to cut clerk posts to save money!
  13. Head, Nail, Hit!!

  14. I welcome the chance to sort my own admin out - perhaps it will mean I get paid correctly for the first time in 5 months, or the fact that money I'm owed gets paid properly, or even my leave card is amended correctly. So get out of your arrogant Ivory tower with your holier than though attitude.

    As fro asking JPAC for my login, I guess the FSA on his brief last week was wrong about us all getting issued them "sometime after July" then? I will phone JPAC and find out which one of you is talking bollox
  15. JPA E-Learning is available on ArmyNet - no DII terminal needed. Ensure printer present, sit down for an hour and a half, and click away.

    Jobs a good'un.