JPA leave - travel days to scotland

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by franklin, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. Calling all JPA gurus:

    Does anyone know if travel grace days are granted for travel to Scotland? I seem to remember in Germany that 1 free day was given for travel up to Dundee, and 2 days for anything north of that sh*te hole.

    Anyone know if this still happens since JPA, and can it be used even if UK based?

  2. From an old copy of JSP 760:


    2.005 Travelling Time is designed primarily to ensure that Service personnel
    do not spend an inordinate amount of their leave entitlement in travelling to their
    home address. It might be appropriate, for example, to grant Travelling Time to
    an individual who was serving in the South of England and whose family resided
    in the Outer Isles of Scotland. On the other hand, it would be inappropriate to
    grant Travelling Time to an individual serving with his family in the South of
    England who decided to visit the Outer Isles of Scotland as part of a touring

    2.006 Travelling Time may also be utilised to compensate Service personnel
    serving at remote locations for the amount of time necessarily spent travelling in
    taking leave. For those taking sea journeys, for example, the leave period could
    be allowed to reckon from the day of arrival on the mainland on the outward
    journey to the day of departure from the mainland on the return journey.

    2.007 Travelling Time may be authorised at the discretion of COs. It should
    not exceed 2 days in any one period of authorised absence.

    May have been amended but should still be there in similar form.

  3. It can still be used however 1 day AA must be granted and used when submitting the JPA Leave pass
  4. In my experience it helps to have a clerk who knows all about your circumstances. In the old days I used to write ***** TRAVEL TIME TO SCOTLAND INCLUDED!!! ***** at the top of my leave pass so that people got the picture.
  5. Many thanks for the replies.

    Just looked at 760 on ArmyNet, even with recent amendments the travel time section remains the same. It still only mentions the outer isles of Scotland. Yes I remember writing on the old leave passes about travel days and taking 2 off, but looks like now it could be down to individual unit's CO's discretion.
  6. If you are going to an island be sure to have a copy of the ferry time-table to hand. Arran or Cumbrae may not be as far north as the Hebs but due to CalMac's rubbish sailings they are every bit as inaccessible.

    It could make the difference between 1 day or 2.
  7. My mate is looking at this now and it is the CO's discretion apparently.