JPA (just to make a change) and MSQ Charges


Maybe someone on here may know the answer.

In Feb this year my wife handed our quarter over to me (both serving, but I get more money)

since the date of this occurrence, we have both been paying MSQ charges (inc ciloct) and I have also been paying singlie living in charges.

So true to form our clerk gives the old -'JPA Problem' answer, fair one, but I'm sure JPA kicked in in April, nearly 2 months after the handover.

So I get on the phone to JPAC, no sir its a DHE problem, they put MSQ charges on, not us, call 0898 696969 (ok, that's not the number) and ask them

So I ring said number, and get the numbers game, press 1 for aldershot, 2 for tidworth etc, I wait for press x for Germany, nope, press 9 for repairs, press nothing and it cuts you off.

So I ring GSO (housing in Germany) no its the pay office.

Now is it just me or have I gone round in a circle?

Thoughts anyone?
We have a similar problem aswell dont know if it is a coincidence or not but 3 people in Feb either took over or handed back MSQ and are either still paying or not paying MSQ and SLA charges. From 01 Apr its down to DHE when you do eventually get through but before then its down to Admin Office, get onto your clerk and tell them to action it on a spreadsheet to JPAC up to 31 March and DHE to action it from 01 April and all should be sorted (eventually)
The cut over period to JPA was extremely hectic, yes the spread sheets were filled in and yes they were sent off. It appears some items still have yet to be caught up with which is understandable given the volume. The other issue though is that although JPA is in, it appears in some cases that the DHE/Housing Office may not be using JPA and are still generating K1325s manually and fwd'ing them to the relevant Unit. Some of the roles and responsibilities have ended up with the Admin Office, by default. Work is on going and from what I have seen of JPA it appears to be a much quicker way of working - much of this will be teething problems but at the same time it does not help people who are being under/over charged. Hope this helps!
Firstly; check with your units that from the day of your handover that your wife was credited on the IRP spreadsheets ( the clerks will know what I mean)with the charges and on the same sheets that you were debited.


Go to DE-HD and ensure that they entered on JPA a march out for your wife and a march in for you both wef 1 Apr 07.

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