JPA is ruining me!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by brewmeister, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Due to the inadequacies of JPA, my pay has been royally screwed up three months in a row. As a result I have incurred nearly £1000 worth of bank charges due to direct debits being returned unpaid. I can't claim them back from the bank (it's not their fault), but how do I reclaim this money from the MOD?
  2. Use the redress proceedure (make sure your boss is on side for this). If that dosnt work you can either go to small claims court or contact citizens advice for an ET1 form (ET-Employment tribunual), but dont expect anything back unless you have evidence of all the charges so keep them in a file. Good Luck!
  3. Many thanks. It really grips me how quickly the banks will slap a charge on you and how difficult they make it to get the money back.
  4. In the meantime arrange a friendly chat with the bank manager and let them know the 'ins-and-outs' and they may put a hold on future bank charges for you.
  5. Done that. As there is no guarantee when my pay will go in (if at all!) all I can do is cancel all my direct debits and pay each one as and when I can. Pain in the arrse.
  6. You should get your RAO to give you a cheque from the Imprest Account to cover what you should be paid. Once the money is sorted you just give him a cheque in return. It is called an advance of pay and is not rocket science any RAO should have told you this already.
  7. £1000 in bank charges!! That is a lot of bank charges, pay incorrect for 3 months leading to that amount of charges must be a very serious pay problem. Assuming you have screamed merry hell with JPAC and your HR/ admin as well as informed your line management you need to redress, now.

    Think about not only the charges but what effect this may have had on your credit record and therefore future ability to get a mortgage/ personal loan. If the redress doesn't sort this out immediately- at your Commanding Officer level something is seriously wrong. Options then are MP, small claims court etc etc. I very much doubt it will get that far but do not be boned off, their mistake their problem not yours.
  8. As to the extortionate bank charges, you will find that these can be claimed back from the bank. A couple of years ago a clever law student realised that the wording of the law said that charges must be proportionate. He took his bank to court, the court agreed, and a legal precedent was set.

    There is a bloke called Martin Lewis who appears regularly on Radio 2. He runs a website called Apparently there are form letters on that site that will work. The banks hate this and you will probably have to be prepared to move your account. £1,000 in a few months doesn't seem right. Claim it back direct from the bank through the UK courts.
  9. Lets not forget that it is JPA that is at fault here. You, like many off us have been shafted and have probably found out that JPAC "helpline" should be done under trades descriptions. Write to Soldier, speak to the CAB and take action. Its the only way this "service" can be brought to account
  10. Dont forget the tozzers that worked in Glasgow before JPA really screwed it up were just as bad! I havent had a month go by since JPA came in that my pay hasnt been screwed up!
    LSA days --got number of days correct---paid 14 days short?????
    But i will stop as JPA has been slagged rotten in other posts cause they are under paid, overworked and morons without military back grounds! U cant beat the MOD for quality of service!
  11. I have done this and claimed back over 600 quid in bank charges over the last 6 years although there is now a test case running between the office of fair trading and 6 large banks(LLoydsTSB, Barclays etc). The point of the case is to see whether the banks are applying proportionate charges. The fallout of this case is that the Courts have agreed to suspend all claims against banks for unfair bank charges until the test case has been heard.

  12. Not 100% accurate.

    The Financial Services Authority has agreed that the banks who are being taken to Court need not deal with complaints about unfair/unlawful charges until the case is concluded. However, they are rquired to log all complaints and deal with them after the case.

    The banks wanted the Courts to suspend (stay) claims against them for unlawful/unfair charges, but the Master of the Rolls has allowed judges discretion. The effect of this is that some County Courts have issued stays in all such cases, whilst others are forcing the banks to apply for a stay in individual cases; not all are being granted.

    Have a look at CAG for lots more on this.