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Can I refuse to enter details of my family on JPA. For instance my Mother and Fathers D.O.B? Also Reference children, is there a requirement to have my kids details on there given that i've never seen it or had anything to do with the Mother since we split?

I am currently on tour and have never been asked for these details in the last 7 years of service before, after or during a tour. So why now?
Of course you can refuse to do it. Just dont type the data, or type rubbish.

Think about the impact and the consequences prior to action, though.
Thank you for the reply. I think the question would be better posed, would I be disciplined for not doing it? Surely there is some legality behind this reference me giving out my family's' details, especially given that they do not want an ounce of their information held anywhere in the military.


On the children front.
In the unlikely event you get topped, your children, if they are still minors, will be entitled to a pension.
Having them on there means it is flagged up.
Your parent's DOB is bizzare!
You're being asked for the information - does it really affect you in any way to provide it?
The information is not going to be used to spy on anyone.

I don't understand why it's asked for - but it will almost certainly be flagged up prior to deployment if JPA fields are incomplete. Unless you're one of these weirdos who feels he has to 'make a stand' over bone details or whatnot you might want to consider just getting on with it.
Not quite the same thing but recently I was informed I had to provide yet another copy of my childrens birth certificates.
Seeing as that would be the fourth time in two years they've discovered they don't have the copies on file I have refused. So far nothing untoward has happened.
I've asked if the combat human resource specialists can explain where the other three sets have gone. There has yet to be any answer on that one!

I'm not blaming all clerks (sorry, combat human resource specialists) just the f***weasels in RHQ (or SHQ) who can't keep two pieces of paper in a cardboard file within a filing cabinet.
Ex wife and children have a legal status as nok and descendants; even when wife is ex-wife. Therefore a requirement exists for lineage, which would be to their benefit (JPA - not just there for the bad things in life).

If you have a valid will, legal and current, that specifically rules out inheritance by lineage then you need not make that provision. You do need to have will location noted though.

Parents DOB - cant see why, unless for identity verification. If you feel strongly about it, insert incorrect/false dates - who's going to chaleenge you about it?

But I reiterate - work through the consequences first, in order that it becomes a conscious decision.
Roger, Thank you all for replies. I'm no really that ARRSEd about the details themselves, it's just the principal of it and the way it's forced upon you. However like you said Crepello who will know the difference of the incorrect and correct anyway.

The child details have been explained, as for the parents' DOB, well it would be a nice to know for a CVO if the worst should happen. When I've CVO'd it has been useful to know that parents were in their 60 s and not their 80/90s just so I knew what I was dealing with. So a date putting them in their correct decade would be helpful.

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