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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jimima_Shark, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. It appears that finally the farce of JPA is getting the coverage it deserves. And to think it was shortlisted for an award by some computering magazine!

    Linky Linky Clicky Clicky

  2. Read it, not too bad. I was one of those overpaid, although I put all my extra cash in a savings account to earn some interest!!!!
  3. Well JPA f*cked me over. I effectively didn't get paid at all for three months - June, July and August. I had to get emergency payments from RHQ and I'm still trying to reclaim nearly £1000 in bank charges for missed direct debits.

    Once people get their heads round JPA I'm sure it'll be wonderful. In the meantime - no one really knows how to use it properly and as for JPAC/SPOC or whatever the f*ck it's called, words fail me...
  4. Back in the eighties I had my pay get messed up. It took a few hours for an inteim fix to be sorted out and the pay office then dealt with sorting the problem properly. It is more than dissapointing that things seem to have gotten worse for serving troops.

    A married with kids soldier not getting paid while on ops probably wont have his mind completely focused on the job. Not a good situation.

    Then again, hasn't this been a problem for some time? You would think that lessons had been learned since 2006 and put right before switching the army to the new system. Then again...
  5. Nice to Mick Smith (and Marie Woolf) keeping on digging. This is a story which seemed to have sunk without trace so it's good to see it being splashed about again.

    Usual nonsense from MoD - yet again.
  6. It's just another useless government computer based system. They have a history.
    The logic runs, we'll save a fortune on pay if we computerise and replace personnel.

    Worked well so far eh? CSA, HMRC, JPA, NHS etc.
  7. Ive heard a few people getting messed up like yours brewmeister and hopefully your situation will be sorted sharpish. On the whole though I have had no problems and its good being ale to sort your own stuff out. We still have to use our clerk for everything at the moment and she inputs it all. Talking to people I know however who put claims in themselves say its brilliant and get the money in the bank a few days later, long gone the claim form sitting in the signing officers/clerks in tray and get your money three months later.
  8. This is the nub of all these problems. When/if the system works, it does so to the payees advantage. As indeed it should.
    However, when the reverse is true, and anecdotally there seems to be quite a lot of that, there appears to be a shortage of routes to get thing sorted out efficiently.
    A bit like train travel, when it works it's good, as soon as it buggars up, it's a nightmare and there's sod all you can do about it.

    TF I had pay clerks whos nuts I could twist to achieve the desired effect when I was in.
  9. I agree. The claims system works properly and the money is normally in your bank within 48hrs.
    My pay is now sorted, apart from the above mentioned charges. However, there are some soldiers in my unit who haven't been paid for six months or more. For most TA soldiers this isn't a problem, but a lot do rely on their pay and that extra £200 odd per month makes a helluva difference.
  10. There seems to be only one effective way these days to deal with JPA. AGAI 70 Redress of Grievance action. It won't make you the most popular person at unit level, but seems to be the only way that problems get sorted and the head shed in Glasgow tends to sit up and take notice when the contractor gets investigated by the complaints team.
  11. Twice, the JPAC have failed to get back to me (inside their 10 working days limit) on an issue I had with leave balances. That's 4 FULL WEEKS that they had to deal with the issue-they couldn't do it so I'm having to wait until I join my new unit very soon before I'm making an official complaint-that should make me popular on day 1! They didn't even make the attempt to ring me back-a bunch of incompetent fcukwits.

    I'm due to get rated up in a few days as well-that should be fun to see if they actually give me my extra money before the end of Feb...
  12. I wouldn't hold your breath!
  13. Not only does JPA assume that all forces personnel live in, but it also assumes that we all joined aged 18 and that we all leave aged 40. Several of my friends have not been paid this month as they have been discharged by JPA, and to make it worse, they won't be paid until January. The Mod also assumes that we use battery powered cars when it comes to deciding the rates of MMA and Rilor, an MP gets 11p per mile for using a bike and some 45p per mile for using a car.
  14. Thats doesn't sound to bad but when the useless buffoons try to get the money back they tend to take it out in bits (four days of pay a month until the debt is paid) If you have an account that only pays intrest is you get paid a certain amount you could lose out.
    If you try to get a loan/mortgage and the company look at your previous banks statements your pay looks irregular and that might affect their decision.
  15. Front page of the Sunday Times... Good stuff!