JPA.....I need help!.....but not like that

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by red_phos, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. ok quick brief

    Im a cadet at Sandhurst (joys)

    Myself and two others have been tasked to give a presentation on JPA in 25 minutes on why it has been implemented and the effect it has had on servicemen's and women's lifes.

    So anyone feel like giving me some feed back?

    the two other blokes or off to see the Coy clerk and down the naafi to speak to any blokes there, so muggins has drawn the short straw and is left on the internet.

    basically after your opinions on why it came in and what its done for you.

    standing by


  2. A cadet at Sandhurst? Why do you come across as a chav from a comprehensive or a journalist from the Grauniad? I do not expect accurate spelling and punctuation from my soldiers or in the NAAFI but, if you are training to be an officer, you should try a lot harder than you did in your message!

    There are several threads on JPA running; read those.

    To save money!

    You might want to comment on the fact that it has been provided well in advance of the roll-out of a fully networked computer system, so x soldiers have to fight for access to a terminal where x is any number between 2 and 20. The TA are really suffering from this problem.

    It's American and civvie oriented, so we can't be posted, we can only be assigned, etc etc. Grappling with the language and terminology is an overhead we can well do without.

    It is very slow even when DII is working well. No computer means no JPA and therefore no admin. There is no backup and our systems are not yet 100% reliable. That is madness for an organisation that is supposed to be able to deploy anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat.

    The report writing part is awful.

    The training was abysmal to non-existent.

    The rules for what you can and cannot claim appear to change by the day. I feel sorry for the auditors who are struggling to keep up.

    The lack of consistency in the MMI really annoys me.

    Some bits work well; my claims have never been submitted and paid so quickly. It was a steep learning curve, but I think that works well. Except, you can't use JPA for some claims because that module hasn't yet been designed!

    Enough for now; I need to breathe!

  3. Have you tried looking on the JPAC splash screen, which if you have a JPA account you will have access to, there are presentations availiable through there, certainly on the changes that it has brought.

    If you can wait until 031108, pm me (I am on holiday at the moment) I can get hold of an initial presentation that was produced for roll out.


  4. The BPGs would make more sense if they were written in Greek, translated into Swahili by a Frenchman and most of them are out of date. (Go on - try and run a "Leave Remaining" Report).

    The so-called "Help-Desk" is utter rubbish. They are completely useless and no assistance at all. They haven't got a bloody clue what they are talking about.

    I'm completely jacked off with JPA at the moment (as B_and_T will confirm). I spent the best part of yesterday morning trying to "Record Findings" on the crappy thing and print off a conduct sheet, only to be told that there was a problem with the "Output Log" and JPA were looking into it and to refrain from using it. That's really helpful when you've got some scrotey bloke sat there waiting to go to MCTC and you need just one more little bit of paper.

    I'm starting to get angry again - JPA is as good as DII(F) - shite.
  5. Pretty much everything I've done (and everyone else in my troop) on JPA since it came in has been based on collective guesswork.

    Need to put a claim in? Get five or more lads and guess at what set of words that mean nothing in normal English relates to what you want to claim for (I've given up on every working out how to claim for food, since being able to claim £1.02 for breakfast is no use when I've had to spend £5 at a service station. I just stick it on an incidentals claim instead).

    Want to be posted? Get five lads together and try and guess what to type into the box to bring up the location you want, since just typing in 'South East England' or 'Germany' would be no fun.

    It's almost as shite as Pay As You Dine, which makes it very shite indeed. I don't care how many Brigadiers are paid to drip in Soldier about how good they are everytime someone writes in saying they're shite.
  6. JPA has made my working life a living misery.

    Overnight they changed all the rules, all the terminology, all the BRs and no training was given at all. Yes there is the online training facility but as a clerk that was not especially useful in teaching me how to use it professionally. Tachnically I did go on a JPA course but, at 2 days long and on a version of JPA that bears no resemblence to JPA as we know it today and aix months before JPA was even implemented, it was no use whatsoever.

    Everything I know has been learnt through trial and error or passed on to me by someone elses trials and errors which have occured at the expense (literally) of the people whos accounts I administer.

    I loathe JPA.
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    It speaks highly of you!

    But hates the Slug with avengance.
  8. That's the biggest joke in my opinion. I too wasted 2.5 days of my life on the implementation training, which taught me how to send the whole unit to Iraq and other such interesting stuff, but nothing useful... It's all either trial and error (and you have to wait a month to ******* see if its been an error or not!) or collectively passed around via email - that's whilst being told locally produced guides are bad and we must use the BPGs. The BPGs are just frankly shite. Our Bde wants our comments on them, however I can't come up with anything more constructive than the fact they are SHITE - because they are! Clearly written by people with no experience of the subject matter involved.

    I'm going on a two week (mil) course at Worthy Down in the not too distant future, but as far as I'm aware there's no civillian counterpart to it.. It's all very well giving lots of courses on the discipline side of things etc, but its the average military or civillian administrator that use the system everyday that need the training! Ok fair enough the BMAC and AMAC (and their TA counterparts) are up and running now which should help the next generation, but again what about the TA units that are staffed by Civillians? :/

    The system itself has many good points, but it's totally let down by a lack of support. Fair enough Bde HQ's etc are trying their best, but there's like, what, 5 people in our Bde SPS HQ to deal with the whole of the area? The Tiger Teams and what not wouldn't need to exist if we had been told what the feck to do in the first place!
  9. Absouloutly, Bde's/ICT's are most of the time as much in the dark as we are, and our Tiger Team Templates have to go through them, the RN and RAF Tiger Teams do not demand this, although I can see the point, how else will Bde's learn, again, they ran out of money, could not train us properly, remember UNICOM, at the start it was the same issue, the pot ran dry and they had to release the system, here we are again, it will get better as they patch up the system, when they get it right something else will be released lol
  10. Discipline being the major bug bear at the moment, they are bound to be investing a huge amount of time in this area (especialy with the Tri Service Discipline Act coming out late next year), however, there does need to be some emphasis placed on the other areas of JPA, HR Roles, JPA Reporting, Establishment Admin etc, courses in these areas would be most welcome, especialy for those who do not fall into BMAC or AMAC.
  11. I, personally, think that the Discipline part of JPA is a bag of shite.

    As I said before, the BPGs are fucking rubbish and are out of date.

    Oh, and the reason the "lads" can't use it to make a claim is because it's all in chinese - or might as well be.

    I thought ArmyNet was shite, but JPA just takes the piss.
  12. Mr Silver, I very dare you to send me a "Complete Guide to Putting a Charge onto JPA and Recording the Findings".

  13. I have one, PM me with your address, after 031108 as I am away, and I will send it to you.
  14. I have it on good authority that the BPG's are being re written, they were originaly produced by SO2's assisted by Tech Geeks and are as much use as tits on a fish.
  15. I swear that JPA was just to save money.

    For your average Tom, all JPA really needs to do is accept a claim and put the money in the bank.

    In the good old days, before a course travel and accommodation was booked by the Movts Wallah and any hotel was paid for by the firm. After the course, you went to your clerk and under his guidance filled out a claim form for any food, MMA etc and a month later the money turned up in your bank.

    Now you not only have to pay for food, fuel and hotels out of your own pocket, but when you ask for advice over what you can or can't claim, the clerk, being short of time points you to the big book with the warning that if you claim for something you aren't entitled to you'll get done for fraud.

    So assuming that a young soldier can get on a JPA terminal and knowing what to do on it, he's going to under claim due to a) not knowing what he can claim for, b) losing or not getting receipts, or c) erring on caution through fear getting it wrong and getting nicked. Saving the Army a fortune.