JPA - "hugely successful"........

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fozzy, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. ........according to Page 7 of June's Soldier Magazine.

    Well, its such a sucess in my Squadron, that only 2 people have been paid correctly, one soldier has been paid £11 000*! (I sh*t you not) and the rest of us have been paid £0. Oh, I've reverted to a first year bounty.

    This is obviously some alternate meaning of "hugely successful" that I've previously been unaware of.

    * We haven't heard much from him recently - we think he's in the Maldives at the moment
  2. Check the back fence as he's probably thrown his kit over it before departing to more sunnier climes :relax:
  3. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......

    Feck me, that was funny.....Successful for the regs, no doubt. One Army? My hairy yellow ass it is....

    Any more gems likely to cause my sides to split?
  4. He's wasn't your JPA clerk was he?
  5. As I have said on other posts. JPA has been a testing time but in my unit everyone has been paid on time with the correct amount and we are just over 300 in strength. All bounties have been paid at the correct rate with only a handful being a couple of weeks late. It is not UNICOM and does need some work on it to make it easier to use but all in all it does the job providing the correct information is input in a timely manner. By the way I do not work for JPA and neither am I on commission for saying good things about it!
  6. Oh, I daresay It'll come good in the end, and it has the potential to be useful, but I was highly amused at The Soldier article being published whilst our good AGC folk are trying to fix the current mess.
  7. I wouldn't listen to soldier mag, it's wa.nk, it's written by people who only write army propaganda. I recall them saying that there was nothing wrong with the SA80A1, oh but then they said there was stuff wrong it (when the governmnet ordered a redesign after bad press). Then that new body armour (pre osprey, post CBA, with the arms and collar) which troops said was great, except everone I knew (plus myself), knew that you couldn't move in the damn stuff. Soldier magazine= let's cover up all the things that a wrong with the army.
  8. JPA?Fcuckin joke!I attended my first day last august and i still havent been paid!
  9. Haven`t been paid since Feb.
    No bounty, no pay , sorry ,recieved one payment as part of Mays salary.

    Finally had my return phone cal from help desk, conversation went something like:
    JPA; The reason we havent paid you is , our system doesn`t recognise your type of bank account.
    TK; So how come you have paid me part of Mays salary?
    JPA ; We havent
    TK; yes you have it was X amount on Y date.
    JPA ; No we couldnt have , our system wont recognise your account.

    Still waiting for another call back to see if Left hand has spoken to right hand yet!
  10. We are still having problems with it in the RAF so you guys have a long way to go yet
  11. JPA is to Pay what 'Alternative Comedy' is to 'Comedy'; loosely the same....but one's SH1TE! :x
  12. You forgot the token celebrity with tenuous connections to the military part!!!
  13. Somethings aren't JPA but were to do with the data loaded to it from loonicom, Glasgow managed to turn our SSgt Reme Armourer at 31sigs into a Cpl Loggy Chef at HAC and we can't turn him back !

    laugh I nearly cried
  14. Having tried to log into JPA and failed, and with my travel claims piling up, I devoted this morning to sorting out all the problems.

    The gentleman at the Help Desk was very helpful, listened to me explain the problem, noted that neither he nor his colleague had experienced that one, and "had I tried this?". Yes, and it didn't work. Any other suggestions? I made certain that he logged the fault. He promised to ring back but hadn't done by the time I gave up... after I received a message that my unit wasn't recognised.

    My colleagues told me that they didn't know I could swear as fluently as that!

  15. It also f'd up our units mobilisation, due to papers being delayed as a result of JPA. As a result employers given about 14 days notice...nice