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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by BarryBuddon, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi there fellas, I'm offering my services to anyone with general JPA problems that need answering, not being a pongo myself I cannot answer regimental promotions type Qs. I can however offer guidance of iexpense type pap and some pay and allowances.


  2. Why, after arriving in my new unit 3 months ago, am I being told they still can't change my main pay from one Sparkasse account (old unit area) to another Sparkasse account (new unit area) because JPA won't accept the change?
    My allotment was changed without any dramas (remained the same UK bank but monthly amount was increased)
    It's getting a bit annoying now.
    Is JPA at fault here, or is it just the f#ck wits in my pay office not having a clue what they are doing?
  3. Thanks Barry - appreciated! I'm sure I (and others) will be needing your services in the very near future. MODS - how about making this a "sticky" if it works and there is the demand?
  4. Right then, here's the f/off pill: JPA has only a certain number of banks and locations loaded onto the system, we had a problem with a french account and the self service user had to raise an isupport to the it help desk to get this rectified. Try this either by using the online isupport or try phoning them on 94560 3600 option 3 then option 2 (it software faults). You may be lucky, sometimes the bank you need may be under a different name - this happens with the RBOS one account for example.
    Your Unit HR will soon have isupport back office access and should get this rectified quite quickly.

    Remember if you phone an isupport and they try to phone you back and cannot reach you then they will close the call to adhere to internal EDS/JPAC stats. Often they will pass a call around the EC to only close it after a few days.

    any use?
  5. [quote="BarryBuddon]
    Remember if you phone an isupport and they try to phone you back and cannot reach you then they will close the call to adhere to internal EDS/JPAC stats. Often they will pass a call around the EC to only close it after a few days.

    any use?[/quote]

    And just to p1ss you off they mark it as problem resolved.
  6. Post deleted
  7. What the hell do I claim for?

    Left Sunday at 11:00 to travel 300 miles in a military vehicle.

    Lunch 1300 at motorway services - cost £6 - no receipt (lost it).

    Arrived hotel/guest house 18:00 cost £40 per night. Stayed two nights. (Kept the receipt for this one.)

    Evening meal sunday at nearest pub. - £13.95 for steak and chips, and £2.50 for a pint of Lager.
    (Receipt retained.)

    Monday lunch provided by host.

    Monday evening - Sandwich from pub £5.95 (Lost the receipt for this).
    (Yep, £6 for a bloody butty - extortionate.)

    Tuesday 10:00 left location to return to base. Stuck £20 of own money in military vehicle to ensure it made it back to camp. (Retained receipt.)

    I've managed to figure out the Hotel bill, but as to the rest, and whatever happend to incidentals?
  8. All the food expenditure you can claim back as 'days subsistance uk' ensure a different line for each entry. However day one the amount you spent is £22.45 you can only claim £21.20 WARNING do not claim £21.20 or you will be audited immediately only claim £21.00!!

    Did you miss lunch on Tuesday?

    2 x incidental expenses UK (£5.00)

    Petrol claimed back via 'taxi fare'

    Why was the hotel not CHBS? otherwise claim overnight subsistence (not CHBS).
  9. Sorry,

    Skipped lunch Tuesday - stuff to do back at work :(

    Hotel was booked through CHBS, still have the original reference.

    Do I need to retain receipts for all expenditure, i.e - I've mislaid the receipt for lunch on the Sunday, or can I claim up to £21 food, without the requirement to keep receipts for 2 years or more?

    Now to try and translate your common sense into the computer speek that JPA understands.

    Thanks for the help.
  10. You should really keep all receipts however, still claim and if you are auditted it will be up to the discretion of the auditor if they are a bon ouef they will let it go if not then they need to be filled in if they try to recover amounts under a tenner.
  11. Sorry to jump in here but you can claim for more than £21.20 per day as you were away for more than 2 nights. A recent directed letter and JPA Op Bulletin 0706-007 dated 18 Jun 07 changed the policy. In essence if you are away for 2 nights or more there is the facility to "aggregate" the claim. The Op Bulletin mentioned explains how to do this.
  12. is it just me or are they not being supervised or audited by APC or MOD Contract managers or are both APC and the MOD just not bothered.... where is the press when you need them.

    Also it is correct that the firm running JPA is an American Texan based firm? or am i just being somewhat world weary :x
  13. After discussion with my Auditor he states that the aggregation means that from day 3 onwardsc you just total all the days subsistence and enter them on one line per day rather than one for each expenditure. This means that you are still entitled to 21.20 a day, it just is entered as one 'Days Subsistence'[hr]
  14. Put both my outstanding claims in today, one for £150 the other for £250. Both came up for "Random Audit", what are the chances eh? :)
  15. It actually means that you can "aggregate" your claims in other words if you spend £25.20 on day one and £17.20 on day two you can claim £42.40 for the 2 days. This gives you greater flexibility and means you do not have to stick to the £21.20 per day. This is only permissable once you have been away for 2 nights or more.