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HDT (Manual) Virgin

Tried asking around but answers are few and the place is empty (Friday :) )

I want to submit my claim before the weekend but need help. The facts are:

18 trips (to & from work)
Distance to and from (single journey) is 39.0 miles.

What can I claim and why does JPA ask for receipted amounts?

My calculations are:

18 trips x £16.24 (current rate for 39 miles) = £292.32

18 x £4.72 (personal contribution rate) = £84.96

£292.32 - £84.96 = £207.36 TOTAL CLAIM

Am I right???? Thanks :)


18 people viewed...still no answer. Doh!!!! Time running out. Gotta go home. No claim for me then. The kids are going hungry for another weekend :) Ah well, they can share my beer tonight instead.


Sorry...I really have no clue what you mean :?

I was going to ask my PC but he is in with the OC he wanted to see him ASAP. So WEF today I am still clueless (tbc).

Sorry - I was talking in abbreviations.

ODR (official duty rate) is about 40p per mile, as far as I know its only payable when you have to use your own vehicle for an official duty.

I thought that the PCR (private car rate) was for HDT travel (about 22p a mile)

I stand to be corrected though !!

Can you let me know when you get the correct answer


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