JPA Goes Live!!! At Long Last!!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by zxninerpilot, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Well, after all the hype, and the anticpation of a highly efficient panacea to solve all our admin ills, JPA has finally arrived today!

    But did anyone notice?

    I still can't log on and manage my own pay/claims and so on. Nor can the "HR Administrators" who should be able to act on my behalf. What the hell is going on?
  2. Just had an officer in to do his claims and he has been told JPA off line for the next 7 days
  3. Mmmm. I have got onto the JPA website where everything seems to be OK (green performance indicator) but just not able to get on. No sign of usernames and passwords yet, not even for the HR chaps.

    Is there anyone in the know who can shed any light on this? My "organisation" has tried to bully SPS at Bde in to getting some info, but they have simply made no comment. It all looks like smoke and mirrors to me.
  4. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    12 Apr for HR Admin Staff. What exactly was the point of today again?
  5. JPA is live? Here we've managed to drag ourselves through the delightful online training package, printed off our glorious certificates (on threat of being barred from JPA forever if we didn't)

    ...and thats it. no JPA terminals to use (apparently we have 4 but they are in a building that hasn't been opened yet) no instructions on how and when we can access anything or even the promised passwords.

    No doubt this will be hailed as a total success.
  6. I get the idea that today was all about the top level implementation teams having a group hug about how successful the roll-out was, and spending thousands of pounds on some corporate shin-dig that would be better spent on getting some decent hardware in to place.

    If any of the top level types are reading, take note of the following:

    IT roll-out - we are still waiting for IT, and expect to receive 50% of what we need, due to cost saving measures.

    Training - nice to see that Ver 2.0 of the training disc we waited so long for was corrupt. How on earth did that happen? Was it not quality checked before release?

    We have received a limited amount of brand new machines to see us through the transition, and have been assured these brand new machines are going in a skip when they are finished with. We each have a printer for the contingency phase, but will have 1 between 12 when we go live.

    Easter leave starts Friday for 2 weeks! Stick the data validation phase up your arrse!

    This was not a successful roll out....
  7. We've been brfiefed that we will not be able to "go live" on JPA as normal bog standard users until 31 May, up until then it's just RAO types, administrators etc
  8. I'm what is called an HR Admin guy and we've just had the info that our passwords won't be ready until at least the 12 Apr at the earliest. Good job really as we are on leave until the 16 Apr!!
  9. I understand from a friend that APC were able to have a quick look around inside the brave new world of JPA today.
  10. That fills me with a due sense of dread!
  11. Does anyone else think the e-learning package was designed for 12 year olds? complete with naff moving tank rolling down the road as you completed each task!

    Talk about dumbing down, Jeez!!!
  12. JPA............

    God help us all....................
  13. Must have been the military in the APC, I spoke to APC today and none of the civvies were ablr to log on, seems their records were screwed up and not accepted by JPA.

    Doesn't it just give you a warm fuzy feeling.
  14. I understood that administrators would be restored first, then the RAF and RN users would be restored and then Army administrators. Finally, the rest of us would be rolled out over the next 6-8 wks.

    Those of you without computers...tough! Actually, I think a lot of work has gone into providing fixes but quite a few units will not have access to JPA (ISTR circa 150 but don't quote me).

  15. Don't you just love the fact that the EC operators are already refusing to talk to HR Admin and want to talk to the soldier even after being told that none of us have access and the soldier in question works 100 miles away from the office!