JPA from IASS GRRRRRR! Anyone else having access problems.


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I have IASS access to JPA. I can log onto IASS but JPA crashes when I try to log on.

I've called the SPOC emailed them and am getting nowhere. Today they suggested a password reset. Still crashed. Now they are suggesting there must be something wrong with my computer.

Is it just me or is there a wider problem?
Are you trying to access from a network computer? I was chatting to some other guys out here in the US who had trouble from anetwork, but ok using home computer. They also mentioned using Firefox rather than IE
SPOC and problem solving? I'm sure that SPOC is something of a mong magnet, the number of people there who actually have a clue is very small. The password reset is something they suggested to me for a problem that was not access related. Communications in another of their problems, nobody talks to anybody else to pass on info.


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My problem turned out to be password related. The password needed resetting but that was what was crashing. I ended up doing it from a DII terminal but JPA have admitted that that is not a satisfactory solution. Indeed a lot of people who use IASS are out of the country and have no access at all to DII.

What really annoyed me was that the SPOC and JPA don't talk to reach other and consequently when i contacted them i got the run around for 3 weeks.

My claim was only for £350 so its not affecting my life but for some people if money is tight not being able to make a claim for money they've shelled out could be a real issue.

Incidentally one of the first things SPOC advised me was to use IE and that FIREFOX might be the problem. Didn't make any difference and I'm back using FIREFOX with no problem.
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