JPA - Freeze on postings?

Why should there be a freeze on postings in March and April '07? Or has anyone heard of this? I was informed by the AGC bloke who works in the RAO, that it was the first he has heard! I am waiting to be enlightened. Cheers.


Have heard the same rumour, dont know how true it is but the rumour alone is scaring a lot of the lads at my unit about the prospect of having to stay in aldershot. :?
Have heard this mentioned at my place, not souding likke somthing i wanted for christmas ive been extended here for long enough without it being a forced issue.
Yep, afraid so. My unit were briefed by the SPS team from Bde, and they said that to allow JPA migration, and to ensure they have every LSN correctly covered (or not) noone will be moving over the changeover period.



yep we were told this at chatham due to them having to sort their shit out and not needing postings going on at same time. Its till april time ish


A number of guys (including myself) have been posted early from my unit. When I questioned why this was, I was told that it was due to JPA's roll-out, and if anyone was posted during this period that it'd cock up "the training programme" or sumfink...

Look forward to some fastball postings and three-month extensions in the new year lads and lasses!
Has anyone got the confirmed dates by M&R and does that build in a couple of weeks for any problems to be kicking in with JPA itself. Or is that the per usual hope everything will be going well and nothing could possibly go wrong with any new picece of equipment that the army has got their hands on?
It might be (will be ) a good thing at first.

Ask the RAF how bad it has been for the majority?

Yes a few got screwed over at first and lost pay and missed out on this or that.. but they got it back.

However ask the rest?

Pissed off as they lost out their per diem for actuals. well, any good PC can be used to duplicate a bill, plus food charges never taken, or calls never made.

Leave taken and you put in you own, as for duties and over-time.

The RAF right now like this beast, any fukcups or errors are the "Computer says NO"'s fault.

They might be complaining but in fact they to a man are ripping the shite out of the system.

Say a 10% pick-up on false claims, with a 2% proof rate ?

So 90% get have got, will get away with a bit of fraud.

And the Army will be different?
invade france - check my earlier post. i am posted mid april as jpa is being rolled out 22 feb - 2 april. thats from mcmdiv. pukka..
this does not include your family, i am moving mine back end of feb. then having a litle holiday in the singlies block! for a month or so.
Cheers mate,

Just seems that my work isnt really taking any notice of what im asking them to do so they can have my papers this week.


All current systems will be taken off line to transfer data to JPA, therefor there will be no system in place to process TOS details. Stopping/moving postings will prevent our pay etc being screwed (like that won't happen anyway).
i have heard more rumours on this. due to the board not sitting untill sept, there will be some waiting in sept aswel. due to the people getting promoted and moved on first.

anyone heard any of this?!!?


5th of july due posting 13th of march and still waiting ........... 3 years in blandford and im still here will someone get me out of here ......... phoned jpa help desk and was told there isnt a posting order in the pipeline for me


Not due to be 'assigned' until December but got my order a month ago for moving in October.

The only descrepancies seems to be whether you actually get an assignment order or just the email version or just an email. And that seems to be Army wide!
exdropshort said:
5th of july due posting 13th of march and still waiting ........... 3 years in blandford and im still here will someone get me out of here ......... phoned jpa help desk and was told there isnt a posting order in the pipeline for me

So is that a JPA thing or have MCM Div simply not got a posting for you yet. The two aren't mutually exclusive. A guy I know at Blandford got his assignment order the other day. Maybe you need to get your chain of command to speak to your desk officer at Glasgow.
Postings slowing prior to promotion boards isnt a new thing, its always happened and makes perfect sense. No point in moving you a month before a board, then having to move you again a couple of months later because you've been successful on the board.

This year appears to be more difficult due to board dates changing etc, but the problems isnt a JPA one as far as i can tell.

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