JPA for double hatted TA and ACF Officers


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I'm in the process of applying for an ACF commission and intend to continue in the TA. Does anyone know how JPA will work for people with 2 accounts? I suppose there may even be people with 3 accounts - TA, ACF and CCF.

This not an invitation for wags to ask if JPA will work at all - I'm confident that when it comes online, and when the odd teething problem is sorted out it will be a bonus to all of us!
I a not sure but i know some adults who do TA and ACF but they are only Sgts and SSgt, so am not too sure.

You could ask HQ, they might tell you, ring them.

Good luck
It's done by having separate Assignment Numbers, but I haven't yet seen this achieve a pay statement for both of them.
I currently do both TA and ACF, got my first TA wage slip from TA today, looks good except they got my ACF rank on it and not my TA rank, so not holding much hope when ACF payslip arrives.
Ok Fella's

I am triple hatted

So I was slightly concerned over JPA

basically where ACF adults have their pay numbers as assignment numbers ,I have my TA number but it has a slash on the end and a different digit.

So you will probably find you have same number but with a slight diffent end


or 565575/2
I have been told I now have to use my TA Number for all my ACF claims, and that they are still in the process of trying to sort out how to have 2 pay scales under the same account.

Luckily for me I have left the TA so the JPA account will only see ACF pay which will help.

Has anyone been paid under JPA yet?
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