JPA - Fed up with it yet?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by fatboldblerk, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Does anybody out there think that JPA is as good as the RED TABS keep telling us it is? So far I've been JPA'd about 5 times since it came in last April, from bank accounts disappearing to monies not being paid. Also when ever you phone the helpline it always seems to be the pay staffs fault and not JPA.
    Its also great to see all the letters in such publications as the Soldier Mag with all those smug replies from those people who get paid s)(t loads more than us whilst live in Ivory Towers, who last saw a live round on the tele.
  2. The only good thing is the fact that expense claims (MMAs) go through very quickly. Pay matters are a nightmare. Two weeks to get an answer to a query? Absolutely disgusting. If we were a commercial company and we accepted that level of service, the staff would walk out and the managing director would get sacked. A few mates of mine have been getting paid the wrong rate for nearly a year and JPAC couldn't make a decision if their lives depended on it.

    fatboldblerk is right about soldier mag. You never get a proper answer to pay questions, you just get some patronising rubbish from a career bureaucrat usually quoting some regulation but in essence saying f*** off.
  3. I wrote to Soldier in June (published in Dec?)

    The very nice lady from soldier emailed me back saying that in 2 weeks she had received over 100 complaints about JPAC

    Only one thing for it, and I recommend this to anyone with pay issues. Give them their 10 days - if no response, inform your RAO you will instigate AGAI 70 action and discuss the issue with a solicitor.

    The only way we can sort this mess out is to fight your own corner. Dont be fobbed off with excuses
  4. Gents whilst I agree with you in entitirety the vast majority of things can be sorted out by clerks at unit level.

    In my experience, as one of said clerks, speaking to JPAC results in a ten day delay to get the answer speak to your clerks.

    The best bit of advice I would give to the clerks is if you don't know either:

    a. Ask clerks in other units.

    b. Escalate the issue up COC.

    It's a new system that has been confounded with a new department i.e. JPAC.

    As for the letters to soldier mag couldn't agree more although I notice this month that a letter wanted clerks charged for MQ charges. We don't do MQ charges or for that matter promotions and other things that have been taken out of our hands.

    Unfortunately some of use deal with JPAC on a daily basis!

  5. Still waiting for my squadron to start using JPA
  6. All I can really add is my pay staff have been great every time there has been a problem and I think they are just as frustrated as we are with the system.
    Akso from what I've heard when the RAF got JPA they had loads of trouble. Is this just another case of cost cutting?
  7. FBB when JPA came in for RAF I was at Tri_Service unit. Word on the street was that RAF volunteered to take on JPA as the contract for SAMA (there UNICOM) was up for renewal and it would be cheaper to take on JPA. Likewise IMHO the RAF got rid of loads of their clerks on redundancy before the impact of JPA was known.

    They then found out how labour intensive it was and promptly buried their heads in the sand hoping that JPA would go away - obviously it won't!

    Word on the street is that they are still struggling with JPA and, unlike the Army as far as I can tell, consider it to be a Self Service tool more than anything.

    Had the RAF embraced it as us Army can-do types have tried to we may have learned a lot of lessons from their implementation.

    Anyway all of this is IMHO so if any Crab Air out there would like to correct or just rip the pees please feel free.

  8. Jockster, I am at a Tri-service unit at the mo.

    They are still having major dramas with it! The HR staff are doing a great job but are still being frustated (arn't we all) with JPAC. :x

    In the meantime (touch wood) I have had no dramas :eek:
  9. JPA is awesome for claims. You can put loads in and its in your account within days
  10. HBB agreed. The majority of problems we are having are those inherited from personnel posted in!