JPA. Easy if you read good england

What about our commonwealth soldiers who speak english as a second language. will they navagate their way around JPA? or will they just type "yes staff" and then sign off in three seconds? If our lads from the commonwealth, and dont get me wrong, im not being racist, struggle to speak our language, how are they going to fathom JPA?
I'm more interested in how your normal Pte will get on - most of them will be just as buggered
Disco said:
Why dont you write in to Soldier Mag for the answer :wink:
Because then some Colonel with a pointless job made up to keep senior officers in a job can quote some gargantuan paragraph with absolutely no relevance to the question thereby keeping him in £300 a day plus while also showing that they hold you in the same regard as 1940s German railway companies held their Yiddish 'customers'?
Just trying to find out if the less computer literate will lose out on pay because it will be a struggle to make claims under the new system, even then , we have to watch our CO, OC, RSM, SSM, Troopies steel all the terminals into their offices, leaving one machine between 200 blokes, just for wee jock poo pong mcplop to make a simple missed meal claim!?!? bah! If we are queing for the terminals, think about the grunts!
If someone is struggling with JPA, they can ask for help. Go to RHQ, ring JPAC, ask you troop staffy for a hand. Its not rocket science. If a soldier in the British Army cant speak to read English, then their problems may be slightly more than not being able to do their expenses.
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