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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by misterp, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. my unit has asked us all to complete the e learning on jpa through the armynet page.

    i can only get as far as the "road block" before the medical details section any one else had similar problems?

    anyone else found it a complete waste of time? as very little of actually relevant to TA?

    a the whole pick your vehicle/journey concept a little patronising?
  2. Try just clicking the next box, gets to the certificate in seconds.
  3. yeah done that my "tank" gets stuck on the corner !

    maybe its a 432 and the tracks have come off?
  4. And how many of the TA did that then???? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  5. takes two minutes to blast through to get your ticket, its all bollox we dont need to know 99% of it. you then have to log on to DII first to pick a new password and fill in a few missing boxes like confirming your army email and stuff .and then you have to log on to jpa and fill in a few more boxes like mothers maiden name memorable word etc... input your next of kin and your done. did it last week and it took about 5 minutes i can see me using it about once a year if im lucky. but we have been told if you havent logged on to your account and activated it by the end of july your pay will freeze and all sorts of sh1t and you will get deleted though i think that bit is bull
  6. I couldn't possibly comment on that. I was of course talking purely hypothetically, and could never encourage someone to shortcut the wonderful system that has been developed for our benefit.
  7. i've sorted it now! i can honestly say that was a wonderful training package!
  8. Could be interesting, since I haven't actually got my login name or credentials yet...

    Anyone else aware of this possible impending situation?
  9. if you havent got your login yet it might not include you, however if you havent got it because its sat on someones desk and dii have issued it then that might be vdifferent. the shitey thing about it is your password your 1st one looks like gjtujhugjbhgj and gives you 3 alternatives and they look like gawsedrrebget how the fook your supposed to remember that i dont know
  10. All they have to do is pay me now.... 8O
  11. Once you have your login details and logged on for the first time you will be requested for a new password . You can have what you want as long as it has a capital letter and a symbol in it such as ! " £ of even a * ...
  12. What’s the score with that stupid tank, Ship, plane things. Do the MOD think we are all Fcuking Five year olds. :x

  13. Umm...
  14. What the fook is JPA and when did we start learning soldiers by poxy e learning??? You'll be going the way of the met soon and doing your basic training at home in front of a computer with a game called marksmanship principals via your Baxsbox 369 console :roll:
  15. I did this on Monday to put a travel claim in, and got paid today Thursday.
    I was quite impressed, given all the hassel with pay.

    Hurrah for JPA!