JPA discharged me without anyone knowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mad_mac, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Imagine my surprise today to find out that I have been discharged from the Army nearly a month ago unbeknown to me or my Regiment.

    I will tell you about the events leading to my unemployment nightmare.

    Today was a normal day fraught with the frustrations of Unit G4 work.

    To cheer myself up, I tried to access the JPA site to submit a leave of absence for a forthcoming holiday in September. I was eventually locked out of the system after my 10th incorrect log-in attempt. A hasty call to JPA enquiries ensued to attempt a password reset.

    After the individual had extracted my personal details, I was informed that I was no longer serving and was in fact discharged nearly a month ago.

    My reaction was incredulous disbelief.

    WTF I am doing in work then. (Rips uniform off and states bo;;ocks to this, I`m not being paid, I`m off attitude of a 2 year old having a temper tantrum in the sweet aisle).

    I felt like saying that I realised that NRPS 05 contracts were implemented as a cost cutting exercise to save the MOD money and an easier way to rid the MOD of burdensome NRPS without adhering to rules and regulations covering Regular Soldiers, and had not realised JPA had become the silent executioner. (Pause for breath, rant over).

    I am currently on the old style NRPS contract (contract renewed after 3 years) and it seems as if the re engagement paperwork never arrived at Glasgow. JPA automatically will discharge if not told otherwise!!!!!!!!!!

    Whilst I am not aux fait with G1 procedures I am horrified that I could be discharged without any paperwork being raised, without either myself or my Regiment being informed, and without any discharge medical procedures being carried out.

    I now find myself with the frustrating process of trying to perform a “reverse discharge” procedure ensuring that my service is still classed as continuous, resolving pension issues, and appeasing snarling creditors (the assumption being made by them is that I am the latest victim of the credit crunch) at the end of the month who may not be paid due to my unemployed civilian status for the last month.

    Has anyone else experienced this incompetent computerised scenario which smacks of Little Britain’s “Computer says Nooooo”?
  2. fuck off civvy.... :wink:

    But seriously, this is bloody ridiculous. How is it that the whole management of soldiers is now reliant on an off the shelf and then fiddled with piece of IT? It really beggars belief.

    I can't offer any advice, but I hope you get it squared away soon - and charge them interest on the pay they owe you!
  3. Look on the bright side , you might get a nice new 3000000 series number into the bargain . :roll:
  4. Although no where near as bad as that little problem, this months pay paid £86 Home to Duty and then promptly calculated £86 HDT contribution,therefore no HDT payment ...oh only for the third month running !

    Hope you get it squared mate
  5. Thanks for the replies so far.

    I may be the oldest nig in the Army once this is resolved :x

    Seriously though, I am going to be in contact with Glasgow tomorrow to try to sort this out, and will post the results on here, to help out anyone else who falls foul of this automated uninformed discharge scenario.

    Hope I don`t have to do my basic training again. Do we still use Mapco and Slidex????? 8O
  6. Get in! Why cant I have Mondays like that !! Good luck with JPA..
  7. Mac,

    This shouldn't be too difficult to fix - I take it all your paperwork was done & your unit have copies? If need be it can all be faxed to the NRPS desk in TA & Res MCM Div (not actually called that anymore but your RAWO should have details of new phone Nos etc). They should be able to do a "Reverse Termination" which should ensure you are put back to normal! If this is done soonest IE tomorrow! it should be in time for the end of the month but if it is apparent that your pay is not going to go in for the end of the month your unit should pay you in cash (an EPIC) which will come off the end of next month by which time all should be sorted!! You should not end up with a 300 series number.

    APC don't seem to acknowledge receipt of NRPS Re engagements anymore - always a good plan for someone to give them a bell to ensure all is in order!

    BTW you can sign on for 4 years at a time up to age 55 the 2 years at a time up to 60.

  8. Thanks PW. I don`t believe the re engagement form was dispatched, although it will be faxed through tomorrow.

    This does seem to highlight a disconnect within current procedures that a soldier may be discharged without either higher authority or the individual concerned being aware. I dread to think of the legal implications if an accident occurred at work or in a military vehicle etc whilst being classed as a unemployed civilian.

    I will post again tomorrow after I (with the help of the Regimental Admin Staff) have been on to Glasgow.

  9. Feck it get a good civvy solicitor and sue the ******* for terminating a contract without prior notice. Plus the mental distress caused by this, plus witholding this from being read in parliament by a on-side conservative MP TO DISCREDIT LABOUR. :wink:
  10. Kentigern House is probably best destroyed by attacking from Clydeside, rather than the city centre...good luck. I re-enlisted in July last year* and am still awaiting some form of acknowledgement...

    Edited to the result of a Kentigern House originated trawl*!!
  11. Believe me, you are not the only NRPS to find themselves discharged recently!! I know of two myself (including my Chief he he he), he rang them up and threw a wobbly. Eventually he got to some kid that had all the paperwork in front of him for his re-engagement but hadn't actioned it because "he didnt want to step on anyones toes"

  12. Mmmmmmmmmmm - I am currently awaiting with baited breath for the end of the month to see if I get my full pay entitlement or not.

    I resigned from NRPS 05 last month, wrote letter giving 61 days notice, calculated leaving dates and Term leave - all included in letter (even sent a copy to the deak at MCM which they acknowledged!). Tried to log onto to JPA to find that I had been discharged on Day 1 of Term leave and not at end of 61 day notice period. And of course it is nobodies fault . . . and was also told "don't be surprised to find your final pay "light""

    Not as bad as being incorrectly discharged or not getting paid at all (like Mrs TFH who transferred from reg to NRPS in March) but yet another fine example of the outstanding levels of admin competence carried out at Kentigern House!
  13. If you're very lucky, you will get the piece of advice that I received in response to some unexpected admin event:

    HR - "It is your responsibility to check your workflow notifications in JPA"

    Me - "Yes, I am sure it is, but I actually have a job to do, so I check JPA maybe once a week at best, more like once a fortnight"

    HR - "You should be checking it 2 or 3 times a day"

    Me - "Why don't you set up a system so that a Workflow Notification triggers an automatic e-mail to my work account to tell me I have a message?"

    HR - "That would require a change to the software and would be too expensive".

    So luckily, it turned out to be my fault for not being permanently glued to JPA. And they wonder why people are leaving.
  14. How to deal with this

    Write down the facts including the entitlements
    Phone jpa and ask to speak to an authority
    Tell them you are recording the conversation in case it is needed to present before a court
    Instruct them to write down the questions and answers

    Issue them a set of orders getting confirmation at each stage

    If the recipient is female ask them what colour pants they are wearing, always throws them.
    If it is male request their penis size saying you are doing a survey for the local gay community. Usually throws them.
    Remember you are the boss, king dick or whatever.
  15. I was discharged last year after coming back from Herrick. That was in March and it was the end of July before it was sorted and I was undischarged. I was (reliably) informed that a lot of people had been similarly affected........

    My re-instatement coincided with my having submitted a Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act the week before.