JPA cut off date...?


Anyone know what the Cut-Off date for JPA is this month...? As I need to Change my Bank Account details to include Novembers pay.

Discharged before the end of the month and I want my Terminal Lump Sum to go to a different bank account than the one that is currently listed on JPA. Will then have to change it back with Xfinaty after my discharge date.

What a feck around, computers were meant to make life easier, but all they do is create pain....!


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If the money is going to an account other than the one you want, get on the phone to your bank and you can set up a re-direct for any incoming monies from HMG to go to whatever account you want so it transfers as soon as it arrives. :)

Thanks for your replies guys. I was wanting my lump sum to go to a country within the Eurozone, and with the FFR being €1.31 to the pound, I was hoping to be able to take advantage of this rate. Never mind, I'll just have to find another £4000 to pay my mortgage off.

Paywog had already kindly highlighted for me that you can have your Terminal Grant paid into any account of your choice. However, that was before JPA. Under JPA You can still have it paid into any account of your choosing, as long as it's the one that's logged on JPA as your main bank account. That's flexible...?

So after 24 years of service, it's obviously just to bigger an ask to expect some civvy at the JPAC to do a manual transaction.

Oh well - 5 days to go, and It'll all be just a distant memory, the Army that is....!! Bring back the RAPC.

Thanks guys.
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