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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Frodo5282, May 11, 2012.

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  1. I am attending the Olympics in August and wanted to know what I'm entitled to claim as the shiny's in the admin office are a bunch of Muppets!
  2. Of course, let me consult my crystal ball which can guess exactly where, when and how long for you will be deployed and exactly what you're doing.

    Please feel free to post more vague details which will undoubtedly help.

    Are you in the TA, by any chance?
  3. Where will you be accommodated? Where will you be fed? Where are you normally based?
  4. When you say attending, do you mean you're going to watch, or are you being deployed?
  5. With that attitude towards your clerks, you will get absolutely no advice from me.

  6. Send me all your account details and authorisation and I can find out all of your entiltlements and when you will recieve them.
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  7. Sluggy -

    1. We're not 'Clerks' any more. We're Combat Human Resources Specialists (CHRS). Get into the 21st Century! :winkrazz:
    2. You're not sorry at all. Be honest, you think he's a dick.
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  8. Dear friend,

    I am represent JPAC in Lagos. I was very sorries to hear about your unfortunate troubles, but worry no more! My esteem collegues and I have discovered that you are entitled to 15million dollars for you Olympic Ops. Please send your name, address and bank details by return of post and you will have the moneys in a jiffy.

    Best Regards,

    A Clerk.

    Alternatively, read JSP 752 and submit claims accordingly.
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  9. You know me too well. :bow:
  10. While we are on the subject - when do we get paid this month?
  11. Right so I will be out of my camp about 60 miles for 30 days. I understand that there is a lack of accommodation so I will be in a field tent. The camp is pay as you dine. I am regular army. The admin office is RAF personnel.
  12. We get paid the 31st it's a Thursday I think
  13. I'm deployed for security
  14. Have you got a non-availability chit for accommodation?

    Have field conditions been declared?

    Are you going home at any stage?

    Do you have access to service transport?

    Do you also need a hand dressing yourself?

    Jesus, this is like pulling ******* teeth.
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  15. Brilliant