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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sadsacks, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. Folks,

    With the recent announcement that IE, amongst other expenses, are to be binned or reduced i promptly completed my claim for IE after returning from a course.

    Can anyone here comment on how long these usually take to process? my PSAO essentially said stick it in and see if it hits the bank.

    Was just wondering how long i should wait before telling him it was a freddy fail.


  2. In the past? I've put in a claim whilst on a course at lunch time on Friday, and in the bank by Wednesday.
  3. Cheers Kit....

    Wasnt sure how long i should leave it :)
  4. Was it an F cos you were 'distracted' by a mutual acquaintance?
  5. It will be in the bank in two working days, provided you havent been pinged with an audit, make sure you keep a copy of your JIs as you can get audited at any time
  6. lol Boxy....

    Thankfully it wasn't a freddy foxtrot for the course, but yes the distraction level was high ha ha ha.


    thanks for the clarification, i'll assume putting it in on Wed will mean it logged on Thursday so see if it's in on Monday!