JPA claims - What a load of ......

After recently going on a exercise, and flying by civvy air, i need to put a few claims in. Mainly excess baggage claims, hire car costs etc etc.
While processing this on JPA, it came up with loads of points which needed addressing. I tried ammending the details, but its just constantly fobbing me off. I wouldnt be that bothered, except its about 360 quid that is owed to me, and which i shouldnt of had to pay in the first place, if my MT and clerks had sorted their lives out.
Is there another way around this problem, besides going to my clerk who is also a civvy, and as useful as a chocolate fire guard? Or am i just going to have to process it all on paper and send it to JPACC?

Sorry for the rant, im just a little annoyed with the fact that JPA was ment to simplify everything. Everytime ive tried to claim something through JPA, it just seems to give me a 2 finger salute and laughs at me.


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PM'd you my work number, call me tomoz WHEN YOU ARE AT A JPA TERMINAL and I will talk you through it.



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Can't ask for a better service than that can you :)
Thanks for going to the trouble, but managed to get it sorted through the clerks. Despite my critisism earlier, they actually pulled their finger out and it should be in my account in a few days.


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Don't forget, as clerks, the training we recieved for the use of JPA is no better than what you may have recieved. So if they don't know how to do something, cut them some slack, chances are they have to work it out from scratch in exactly the same way you would have had to do.

Glad to hear you got it sorted though.
Sorry, my wording is pretty inaccurate with regards to clerks!

My sqn clerk is a civvy who works for the MOD, rather than AGC clerk. Thats why the initial drama with things, including the lack of baggae on civvy airlines. Saying that, they 'said' it should be in very soon, or its going to be a very tight month.

No disrespect to AGC clerks, even if they arent the best! :wink:

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