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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by the_lazy_H, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. if im on leave and then have to go on a course will the army pay for my petrol to and from my house. iv been on leave a while and had to go on 2 essential courses in my leave.

    im based in BFG. usually they wont pay to get to your own house but surely its cheaper than me saying it was from camp

    any help appreciated
  2. please help
  3. In my day if you were on leave at an address and had to go on a course then there was 2 options. You either claimed a 'hypothetical journey' from your home base to the course or you claimed the exact mileage from your leave address to the course.

    We used to annotate Hypothetical journey on the claim form. Obviously we always claimed the highest mileage.

    I would advise you to check with your own units admin staff to keep yourself right. Because your based in BFG you will probably only get the rate from your UK leave address.
  4. cheers 58 patt
  5. There is nothing wrong with claiming return duty journeys from your leave address - best thing would be to have a word with whoever would get your claim to audit if it were selected (probably your RAO) before you submit.

  6. Before you go on your course get dispensation from your MTO [/b]in writing that you can use your private vehicle, then submit you claim and if you get audited - hey presto you have written authority!!!!!!!!!

  7. You also have to have business insurance.
    And proof of non availability of transport.
  8. Well played Bottlesmoke - but I think you will find most RAO's will overlook the business insurance, as long as you have insurance. I have not met one that thinks that is complete b0llocks - If your RAO plays that card hes clearly c0ck.
  9. I agree its a load of bollocks; however it is now an LSI requirement for your MT Standing Orders to have a section titled Use of private vehicles.

    Right pain in the hoop.
  10. Whether or not you agree with it if you use your car for duty journeys and don't have business insurance you are not insured for the journey - should you be unfortunate enough to have a smash your insurance company would have great delight in fobbing you off - at this point an MMA claim would be the least of your worries.

    Any RAO who does not enforce this requirement is failing in his/her duty of care!!

  11. Yeah thats fair enough too.

    And these days, all units should be able to hire vehicles through their ADO which may well work out cheaper than an MMA claim anyway; therefore there should be no need for an MTO to ever issue a non availability of transport.

    Nice theory !
  12. In order for me to get my Car Allowance from my company, I had to have "Business" use on my Car insurance. I rang Norwich Union up and it was added, at no extra expense.
  13. I was unfortunate enough to be in an accident last year, but I dont recall at any stage my insurance company asking me "Why exactly were you travelling down the M1, was it Business or pleasure"
  14. I too was in this unfortunate position a couple of years ago - I have just dug out my copy of the claim form, one of the questions reads "State exact details of the journey at the time of the accident: What was the purpose of the journey? (The word Private is not sufficient)................................................"

    You could always be economical with the truth but these people have ways of getting to the truth - it's what they do!!!

  15. Travelling to work is not "economical with the truth" and does not class as business from the insurers perspective