JPA Claim For Photocard Driving Licence

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by phil37, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. The first photocard driving licenceses were introduces almost 10 years ago so the first ones are now due renewal (photograph) at a cost of 20 pounds.

    On JPA, there is an option to claim for driving licences. Are there any experts who know if this covers the above expense?
  2. or you get a cheque from the FSA
  3. You can only claim for a new license if you need it as part of your primary trade, ie you are an RLC Dvr or an AFV Dvr Mech etc. If you just have to make a duty claim now and then, the cost is down to you I'm afraid.
  4. I've not read the rules on this, nor do I have them to hand, but is it possible to claim for this if driving is an essential part of your job, but not your primary trade? I can think of several examples such as MT drivers, Brigadier's driver, etc.
  5. Have you never had to change your address?
    I have changed mine every 3 years and you get a nice new one for free. :D
  6. The new photocard one requires a change every 10 years with a new photograph.

    So if I didnt change mine i would not be able to drive a minibus or command an AFV if required.

    Therefore at my present unit we do the cheque for the serviceperson
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

    A change of address doesn't renew the licence, if you check the date you'll find it will still need renewing at the 10 year point. They send forms out to the address the card is registered to before it expires, 20 quid for a new one and a photo.
  8. How does that work then?

    Boss: CS, I want you to drive a truck full of kit to Donnington tomorrow
    CS: Can't Boss, haven't got a license any more
    Boss: Gggrrr!!!
  9. I could see why the Army might pick up the cost of the driving licence if you don't do any other driving apart from military, but why should the Army pick up the tab for most of those others (who are not the named trades that get it paid for) for whom the vast majority of their driving involves driving their own car?

  10. The army will only pick up the bill for changes incurred by the forces ie adding track licence or every 10 years. Compared to the expenses fiasco its small change
  11. This is why I made my previous point - Paymaster says it's only if it's your primary trade (is that defined anywhere? What abour REME, MT, other occasional drivers?).

    Interesting how the rules are so open to interpretion and that interpretation will vary from unit to unit.
  12. OK, JSP 800 Vol 5 Chap 15

    15.061 Provision of Licences and Driving Tests for Official Purposes. Driving
    licences and tests may be provided, for official purposes at public expense, to the following
    employees of the MOD:
    a. Service personnel employed in driver trades and other Service personnel
    whose duties require them to drive Service vehicles. Exceptionally testing may be
    undertaken as part of resettlement training, conducted in overseas commands,
    where personnel do not have ready access to DSA testing provision.

    That is what the book says, get your claims in :D
  13. all falls into the same lines as a passport applications and its payment
  14. Cheers grumpy, that's the badger! :D
  15. Received my new photocard licence today. It was paid for by the Army and driving is not my primary trade. If your reg accountant refuses to pay then claim the 20 quid back thru JPA - there is a claim set up for this.