JPA & Bounty

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RSigsSTAB, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. Well, some of the comms have started - 'don't rely on getting your bounty on time when JPA comes in'!
  2. it never went in on time anyway!!
  3. Make sure MATT & Bounty quals are all completed by end of Feb. Not quite sure why but it's JPA related so to be on the safe side...
  4. UNICOM could be taken off line in mid-Feb prior to data migration. For some odd reason, JPA doesn't fill everyone with confidence (except the tool who thinks it is a good idea not to run both systems concurrently for a short while) so the received wisdom is to get it all squared away by the end of Jan which will allow two weeks to enter it on UNICOM.
  5. Hands up who smells a fcuk up around the corner.

  6. It's worth remembering that we are actually employees of the British Government, we have all signed a contract that includes conditions of employment which is legally binding to both parties (employer and employee) therefore if the army decide to either not pay the bounty or to pay us wheneva they feel like it then there is a case for breech of contract. It will be up to the people who get paid late if indeed that happens at all to get together, get some legal advice and show the bl**dy army that they can't treat us like cr*p where our pay is concerned. Your day job employer would not get away with paying you 6 months late and then c*ck it up and pay you bits at a time so why should the employers of your second job. Don't stand for it guys cause a stink.
  7. But remember the Army are exempt employment law...