JPA being an Arrse

Im trying to submit an advance claim over the IASS section on JPA. I keep getting the error:

Line 1 Error - You have selected a new UIN, but have not answered "Yes" to the other questions in the Additional Information section of the report header. Please go back and correct the information.

Ive searched all over the screens and done a find on each screen, but neither I nor the computer can ind this "Additional information section"

Can anyone tell me where it is?
The help section says
If claiming against your Unit's UIN then click [Next]. If claiming against another UIN: Select [Y] from the LOV for 'Do you need to change your UIN?' in Additional Information. Select the new UIN from the 'Select your new UIN/ORG' LOV. Select [Y/N] to 'Do you have the authority of the Budget Holder'.
However, I just tried it, and it let me proceed to the second step with both boxes selected to 'No'.

Edited to add link to 'Changing UIN' help page.
Nah just tried it and It is still throwing up the same error. Thanks though
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