JPA backpay - when??!! How hard can it be!!

Evening all - for the third month in a row lve been paying bith for MQ and single accomodation, along with CILOCT on both.

I am in a MQ, no ideas why lve suddenly been billed for singley as well.

However, every month l report this error, and get told that my backpay will be 'in next months pay'.

Im getting pretty hacked of now, is there any way that this backpay could be returned to me sooner as things like xmas etc l would quite like the 600 or so the Army owes me?

Any JPA gurus out there? And yes, l have seen my CC, countless times.
early payment in cash = epic

basically you loan the money from the fsa, till the back pay goes in, then u pay the fsa back
hmm ever think of raising an I support or going to your CC to raise a TTQ?
yep, heard of that before, have u an rcmo there to speak to mcm div to get the pid changed?
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