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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Paymaster, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. After much toil and anguish we have at last finished out hierarchies and workflow.

    So how is it going for you?
  2. Paltry information about the actual effects, only 4 workstations that can be accessed for 600+ staff, they are disretely located in a public area whithout seats. So all in all its going just great, bit like body armour!
  3. How will they access the AAU (Approach and Use) Terminals? Have you got them all DII logins and Passwords?
  4. Mate, I have no idea what you are talking about, you think anyone here has had any training!!??
  5. No training here either and DII not scheduled for install until sometime in 2009/10 Only two RLI terminals in the entire unit both used by the admin staff. The OC is views this as a major 'Management Challenge' I view it as a lot of blokes going to be out of pocket in the next few months!
  6. Its all about to go horribly Pete Tong!!!!
  7. Sixty

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    Got my letter about it on Friday. Top and bottom of it screams "This flyer concerns you"

    Not really. I'm not in the slightest concerned. Would imagine most regulars are though.
  8. Apart from the 'point and click' JPA training package which provides the 'employer' with a 'tick in the box' to cover their backs..... nothing.

    No username and password in order to log in and do my own admin. No answer to the question of where and when I'm supposed to have the time and opportunity to do my own admin, let alone who can look over my shoulder to see what I'm doing, copy my password or obtain 'private' details. No answer to how I'm supposed to tell if my pay is correct without at least a 'daily rate of pay' shown. We are of course told that it is our responsibility to get things right and can be charged if any claims are thought to have been 'fraudulent'.

    I'm not a trained clerk and never wanted to be one..... so what are they doing now? Just an excuse to get rid of admin staff? Designed to stop the cry of "Clerical Error" as it is now all your own fault?

    I'm not convinced.
  9. Roll out of JPA for the Army is split into two phases:

    1. Self Service by Proxy - In english this just means that the clerks crack on as normal, but on JPA rather than UNICOM.

    2. Full Self Service - planned for later on in the year and dependent on DII. This is where you will be responsible for more (not all) of your own personal admin - leave, posting preference, basic claims, termination of service and change of emergency contact and UK bank details.

    Even when we are at full operating capability your clerks should still provide your first line support and be on hand to help if you are having probelms.

    JPA has also been badly communicated, you will be responsible for more of your own admin but not all of it. In effect rather than filling in a form to change your details or put in a claim you will just be doing it electronically. If you already do internet banking or on-line shopping you shouldn't have too much trouble with most of the functions.

    Whilst it is not a perfect system the greatest benefit over UNICOM is that when you change your details or put in a claim it is instantaneous as you are actually changing the mainframe (rather than sending a transmission that gets lost at APC!)
  10. So that's still means my blokes out of pocket until 2009/10 then? More to the point we won't even be able to get posted out to were we want to go either!!!! :frustrated:
  11. Why will you be out of pocket? The clerks will continue to do your admin for you until you get DII...
  12. Can anyone warrant the three days training at Worthy Down as being a useful course?
  13. Hope someone tells the clerks that then, They are under the impression that unless the lads submit via JPA then it doesn't get processed. Info is not exactly free flowing at the moment it is rightly causing a lot of concerns. Workarounds and temporary fixes seem to be the catch phrase at the moment for most sub units without RLI access.
  14. The initial timeline for Self Service was by 31 Jul 07, but with the problems with DII, that is likely to slip considerably to the right, especially in the UK. Your clerks should be planning on using the new manual forms for when we get onto the system on 12 Apr 07. You then submit as per usual an they input onto JPA on your behalf.

    You are right though, the message is obviously not getting through - no one should be left high and dry. I would be interested to know which unit you are with - PM me if you don't want to say in open forum.
  15. JPA thanks for the offer but I'll decline. I've already taken this up through my CoC and await results with baited breath! From experience taking short cuts will only result in peoples noses being put out of joint and deny me the pleasure of saying 'Told you so' when it all goes horribly wrong.