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Hello all. Got a tricky one for the JPA leave guru's:

I'm trying to avoid yet again losing days by only being able to automatically carry over 15 days. I've been away most of the year and even though I've just taken 4 weeks off over Xmas, I still have 25 days left on my card and only 1 week (5 days) that I could take them before 01 Apr 13 . Now without writing to my CoC, I wondered if the following would work and prevent me losing 5 days?:

If I were to put a leave pass in NOW for the last week of March and the first week of April (one leave pass with the dates 25/03/13 - 07/04/13) and if it were approved NOW, would the 10 days come off my entitlement straight away allowing me to carry over the 15 days?

Hope that makes sense! Thanks in advance.

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Why not just write a letter to your COC explaining that you need to carry forward more than 15 days.
Put in for leave from the 23rd of Feb to the 31st of March and (assuming you don't self-authorize) it will be knocked back. You then have grounds to carry over as much leave as you want. Be wary though, it might be approved.
How about you honestly put in all the leave you have taken over the last few years and 'hey presto' you may find you haven't got that much surplus after all ^~
JPA was marvelous when the person who had to authorise our leave had been a civvy and gone for three months. Bung a pass in for a long weekend, take the long weekend and come back to have the request time out and no days taken off.

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If you put a leave pass in for the dates you state (25/3 - 7/4) then of course JPA would take 5 off this leave year and 5 off the next. The annual leave for this year with PHs added on already takes into account that Good Friday is in the current leave year. Anyone who takes the normal 2 weeks leave at Easter should lose 5 days from this year's entitlement. Have you had your extra 5 days added for all of the good work we have been doing? I think the reason Easter moves every year is to allow our leave records to get our days down to zero easily.
As post #2 says.

If you have genuine reasons you couldn't get your leave in, don't try to fudge it, write it up through the CoC.
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