JPA and UNICOM Question ?

I currently work within the G4 area and not yet trained as Unicom System Administrator, need to find this one out. How do I access on Unicom a new posted in's soldiers 1157 (personal holdings) details, as my Chief clerk has told me, he cannot post part 2 orders anymore & recieves no more emails within Unicom about the soldier as everything now goes to JPA. Am I meant now to have access to his 1157 within JPA ???

will post this thread twice within RHQ & QM Dept

The answer is that your Chief Clerk should read his emails. We were told about 2/3 weeks ago to continue sending UNICOM emails specifically for the 1157. Best he/she checks UNICOM because he has probably got 1/2 dozen waiting on him. :roll:
Very few units seem to have read the relevant SMCI - I am sick of the answer - we don't use UNICOM anymore when asking for records to be sent!!

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