JPA and service transfers! "ADMIN FRUSTRATIONS"

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by blankroundist, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. I'm at university and hope to join the RAF when I graduate.

    I was in the OTC as an officer cadet until 28th november when I volentarilly terminated my service.

    I joined UAS (RAF eqvialent) straight away, but i cant get paid or get in the air until I have a new JPA number. My civilian admin staff don't think they can help.

    Apparently I have to wait for a while for the JPA system to relase me, before I get a new sercive number.

    1) Does anyone know how long this will be
    2) how can i speed this up

  2. Have you spoken to JPAC.
  3. This won't help you but I thought one of the points of the JPA employee number replacing Service & Regimental numbers was that it didn't need to change and stayed with you. The same number patterns for all services, sexes and ranks. Oh well.
  4. Looking at your spelling, have you informed them of your correct service number?
  5. Your service number will not change, speak to JPAC they should be able to sort you out
  6. you may find its a dash 1 number now
  7. I'm up to -6 already! Although I still have a Service Number rather than one of the new ones. Actually, as JPA only records your last 5 services, any serial mobiliser will get up there (and no further?) quite quickly.