JPA and Receipts

Just returned from working on an event where there was no service feeding, and was told to keep receipts so I could claim Meals Out Allowance.

I've also been advised that once the claim is paid, the receipts need to be kept for at least a year, in case an audit is called.

I've noticed that receipts from the majority of places now are printed on thermal printers, and fade within a week or two, leaving a blank slip of paper. Its happened already to a couple of receipts from the past couple of weeks...

What are the implications if I submit a claim, and in 9 months get audited and all I have to show in the envelope of receipts are blank slips of paper?

Has anyone in authority thought of this? The obvious way would be to scan, or photocopy the receipts as soon as you get them, but couldnt that then leave you open to claims of tampering with the scan/copy?

Maybe I'm being a bit paranoid, but i've had many valid claims rejected in the past, and can see JPA causing more problems.....
We were told they may check back up to two years, but not had that confirmed.
How about photocopying them if they are going to fade, does anyone know if that will that be acceptable?
My advice is to do both. Photo copy them and staple the receipts to the photocopy. Any auditor could then be given the explanation that you anticipated they would fade, you will then be seen to be a sensible and resourceful person with no question as to your good character.

Belt and braces :D
is this allowance still being paid..there has been times where we were not able to get service feeding and were told that we couldnt claim for buying our own grub..then again our chef also failed the catering course so we were better off going to the local BK
Photocopy and staple them together, have someone(RAO) sign to confirm the reciept is identical to the photocopy, then your sh!t is covered.
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