JPA and promotion

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by whitemouse75, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Could someone please explain to me how a group of soldiers can finish a career course, resulting in a promotion at the end, have only a certain percentage of them promoted, and 6 months later the half still waiting due to jpa and "slipping through the net?"

    thank you kindly.
  2. 125 views and not one opinion?
  3. Could be because they understand WTF you are on about. What course is it you did and, I assume, you didn't get promoted from?
  4. I am guessing Royal Artillery SMG?
  5. its irrellevant what course really, but how can JPA be used as an excuse for a delay of 5 months so far? i understood we dont even start using it until march
  6. Correct it is nothing to do with JPA at all, I suggest you have a chat with your RCMO and RAO. :elephant:
  7. we have neither at our unit, although my OC said that that was the reason given by manning and records
  8. JPA Go Live is 26 Mar 07 and nothing from the Army has yet gone into JPA.
    Position Heirarchies are now being built as the accounts were raised last weekend.
    You're being bulls**tted by someone as JPA doesn't exist yet for the Army.
    What may be happening is that as UNICOM and the AFPAA mainframe are being syncronised for the data migration for JPA, your admin has been 'frozen' until after the Go Live date. This is because the clerks (bless 'em) have to have 'static' data to migrate into JPA.