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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by squigeypie, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. i know that this thread may have been done before but ive just found out some interesting news regarding pay due to JPA rollout. ive been reliably informed from someone in the know that no further pay wil be proccesed until 16th april and we are not to expect to see anything in any bank account until at least the end of may, and that is without any unforseen hiccups along the way, i dont know if this will affect bounty payments but i guess it more than likely will. i dont know about any of you but this will definitly f@ck up my holiday plans...cheers MOD!!
  2. That's correct (ish) depending on your unit.

    The good news is you are a civvy therefore don't worry your pretty head.
  3. its a good @ucking job isnt it, and im not working for this ten bob outfit full time, thankfully civvy employers can be relied on just a little
  4. I get paid a small fortune by the MOD every month and on time.

    It's great. Plus I do not get the reputation of being a civvy who loves larging it in an ill fitting beret with a PFT fail.
  5. why do you have a proper fitting beret?
  6. Yes.
  7. well done, standing on the front gate nice and smart, dont forget you are an ambassador for the corp
  8. Just rx'dthis
  9. I have just sent this email to Soldier Mag, lets see what happens

    TA JPA rollout

    I am a serving TA soldier, I am very concerned about the JPA rollout. In the sense that 'romour' control has is that we will not be paid in March or April but in May, no doubt this will affect our bounty as well. I think the Regular army would not stand for it!!! So why should we! This seems to yet another case of stitching up the TA.

    I await your reply with interest
  10. Hoped you used spell check before you sent it!
  11. In an effort to quell some of the rumours. Pay is paid in arrears so you should all have had February pay by now as all pay had to be processed by 2 Mar 07. My unit had the money in the bank the next week in fact in less than 7 days. At the moment they are working on the JPA putting all the records onto the system so we are unable to process pay. All units are however recording the days trained and as soon as the system is ready we will submit the pay. At the moment that is looking like 12 Apr at the latest. On 23 Apr all TA pay for March and up to 23 Apr will be submitted to AFPAA. The run date for pay will be 26 Apr with the money in the bank for 30 Apr. So in effect your pay will be about 6 weeks late. As far as Bounty goes all Certificate of Efficiency sheets should be in by 27 Mar for those who have qualified. The run date will be 9 Apr and payment to bank will be 15 Apr 07. All this information is available to units via the JPA website and was released on 6 Mar on Bulletin No 0703-004. By the way I do not work for AFPAA!! Any specific questions please pm me and I will try and answer them.
  12. In fact as the pay is not usually in the bank until the second week in the month it will actually only be about 3 weeks late providing your unit are on the ball!
  13. No February pay here! :shakefist:
  14. Only three weeks late :thumbdown:

    Not good enough in my book :pissedoff:
  15. I am not saying it is good enough, I am only stating the facts, rather than the rumour.