JPA and new LSA rates.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by extankie, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. I understand under the new JPA LSA rates, there will be around thirty levels. Does anyone have any idea how the rates will work and at what amount of days will the increment change?
  2. On go-live of JPA, the current Married Unaccompanied Service Allowance (MUSA), Northern Ireland Detached Duty Allowance (NIDDA), LSSA, LSSB, and their associated AT Bonuses will be replaced by the new LSA. The new payment and transfer arrangements to be applied to it are as follows:

    Initial Qualifyinq Period. The Initial Qualifying Period (IQP) has changed, whereby, in future, all personnel will be required to complete 100 days of Involuntary Separation (INVOLSEP) service after completion of Phase One training. Personnel currently serving will be automatically credited an additional 100 days IQP upon transfer from LSSA to LSA.
    LSA On The Road (OTR) recipients will be restricted to LSA Level 1 for periods of OTR seperation.

    Those serving Voluntarily Separated (VOLSEP) will be restricted to LSA Level 1 for the duration of their tour irrespective of how much INVOLSEP QS they may have accumulated previously and this separated service will not accumulate. This arrangement replaces the current MUSA entitlement and is paid at the same rate as LSA Level 1.

    Qualifyinq Separation. The period of QS under the new allowance will remain 10 days or more, other than for OTR posts, which will remain at 4 days. Additionally, qualified personnel of any Service serving onboard a LSA-qualifying ship or submarine will receive LSA from their first day away from Base Port.

    Transfer to New LSA Levels. The number of levels of LSA, and the rates at which they will be paid, has yet to be finalised, but it is likely there will be 14 levels. The general principle, however, will be that QS accumulated for LSSA or LSSB prior to transfer will count towards, and will be used to set the level at which individuals move across to LSA. The transfer arrangements provide for LSSA days to be transferred at par (ie one day's LSSA equals one day's LSA) and for LSSB days to be transferred at 60% (reflecting the Fleet's operational tempo). This means it is possible that those with significant levels of prior separation will transfer to higher LSA levels (and higher daily rates of payment) than those currently paid for LSSA or LSSB.

    Voluntary Separation and 'On the Road' Posts. Qualified personnel subsequently categorised as either voluntarily separated (MUSA recipients) or in 'On the Road' posts, will be eligible for payment of the first LSA Level only (Level One). Days separated while in these circumstances will not count towards individuals' running total of QS. Should these personnel be temporarily deployed, however, and serve involuntarily separated, they will receive LSA at the level appropriate to their previously accumulated QS; these periods will count towards their
    QS running total. .

    Accumulated Turbulence Bonuses. Personnel who qualify for AT bonuses prior to the go-live of the new LSA to their Service will receive payment. Those who do not meet the qualifying periods by the go-live date, no matter how close they might be to it at that point, will not receive the bonus payment. Instead, the period of QS completed by that date will count towards the LSA level onto which they will transfer. In other words, every day of QS will count, and there will be no 'loss' of days when the current bonus triggers are not met.

    Level 1 100 - 400 davs £5.56 (04/05 LSSA Lower Rate)
    Level 2 401 - 700 davs £8.70 (04/05 LSSA Middle Rate)
    Level 3 701 - 1000 davs £11.86 (04/05 LSSA Hiqher Rate)
    Level 4 1001 -1300 davs £13.00
    Level 5 1301 -1600 davs £14.00
    Level 6 1601 - 1900 davs £15.00
    Level 7 1901 - 2200 davs £16.00
    Level 8 2201 - 2500 davs £17.50
    Level 9 2501 - 2800 davs £18.50
    Level 10 2801 - 3100 days £19.50 ..
    Level 11 3101 - 3400 days £20.50
    Level 12 3401 - 3700 days £21.50
    Level 13 3701 - 4000 days £22.50
    Level 14 4001 + days £23.50

    Note that the RAF are having huge problems actually making this work, and that's in a relatively sendentary organisation like the Crabs. We already know that JPA cannot work out what a bank holiday is, posts people as AWOL when they are on authorised leave, and a host of other things.

    IT - saving the MoD money! :D
  3. so what happens if you are on mid rate hwen jpa comes out but not above 401 days, do you drop down until you reach the required amount of days????
  4. You step across to LSA Lvl 2 and remain there until you qualify for Lvl 3.
  5. as per.

    thanx :D :D :D :D
  6. D_D,

    I believe this is backdated AFTER the 10 day qualifying period.

    I could be wrong though-I'm not due to get my first briefing about JPA until days before it goes live for the RN..... :roll:

    I'm going to be rich though :D
  7. Many thanks D_D.
  8. Does this give me 100 free days?
    Level 14 here i come!!!!!
  9. Can some one tell me. While i was with the UOTC the camps and attachments i did, did I qualife for LSA (or LSSA as it might have been.) Im now with a regular TA unit being mobilized and trying to sort out my pay.
  10. My balance was 91 days, when i asked our admin staff about the 100days i was told i wasnt eligable. Ive been in for 5 years so im thinking i should be owed the days as im now in afgan and if i had the days i would be bumped up a level.

    please advise if i am owed the days and how i get them credited.

  11. You've been in 5 years and only got 91 days?