Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by IT_GEEK, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Middle part of last year, the area I work in, the word was that JPA roll out for Army was heavily dependant on DII implementation, and that the DII implementation was well behind, and Apr 07 was looking unlikely. However over recent montsh all talk of DII has gone away, asking questions about it gets blank looks. This has given rise to the latest conspiracy theory that JPA is pulling out as many stops as possible and keeps saying "Yes April rollout is OK" when in reallity the Project leaders are praying that DII will not be on time, so that they can say "Well JPA was ready, its not our fault!". I only have one example that might back this up, in that a friedn of mine is just undergoing is JPA training, but has no equipment at his unit and has not been told when it will be installed.

    So my basic question is how may units are there out there that DO NOT have any JPA equipment yet (and don't know when they will?)

    One frightening thing that I have heard is that DII only has to have 80% coverage to fulfill its contractual obligations and JPA can roll out. So thats a possible 20% of units, bundling there occurennces up and taking them over to the closest unit that does to key everything in.
  2. That ties in with all occurrences being action by proxy, by the HR admin staff. Individuals will not be allowed use JPA until Sep/Oct 07. 8O

    I have also heard that those units deploying on Ops during Mar/Apr will not be given any JPA logins until their return (which could result in a years wait!). Could these be the units not being supplied with equipment?

    As for rollout, if you are in a position to see the Unicom Discrepancies e-mail out this month, you will notice that the amount of unequal data between units and what is actually held on record differ so much that data migration will be a problem.

    It has always been stressed that as long as the payroll works, JPA will rollout for alll 3 services regardless.

    Who is going to benefit if the Army do not roll out? :?
  3. Let us not forget of course that a large part of the business case justification for JPA was "manpower savings" by reduction in Unit HR Admin staff (I am sure we used to call them clerks in my day :D )
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  5. Yes it was and the Navy have been hit quite hard with reductions. The Army played game but also brought out the reason of undermanning in certain ranks. This meant they could gap posts in units that have never been undermanned before and move personnel to units that were severley undermanned. So, in reality, the amount of manpower savings has been very minimal.

    and still do, and will always be called clerk, HR Adminstrator is too posh :roll: :lol:
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  7. Great to hear that pampas is stil going, where can I find a system?? :lol:
  8. Let me check my ebay auctions see if I have any left
  9. I heard that this was a 'Mexican standoff ' from DII point of view they were waiting for JPA to say that they could not migrate the army data therefore giving them an excape clause.

  10. Oooo intresting, wonder who is going to blink first. Just hope they do it soon lol
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    Beleive me, DII is the biggets waste of man hours this side of the NHS rollout. The MOD is being screwed right over on this will not be raedy for at least 6 months, minimum. It is a farce
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    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Must check spelling..........
  13. No doubting you but last night we had a presentation and were told that 5th of March was when we were getting it!?
  14. Totally agree, but didn't everyone say that about unicom when it came out. Now no-one wants to get rid of it!! 8O