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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Went through JPA training last night :yawnstretch: and got a little confused as to what we could and couldn't claim.

    We can't travel to courses in private cars? (although the training package shows you how to make a claim)

    We can claim for newspapers and telephone calls when on a UK course?

    We can claim for missed meals?

    Any other claims we should be aware of? I don't normally claim anything unless I was put out of pocket in a biggish way and I guess many others do the same. However JPA looks like it makes claiming easier.
    Wonder how well it works with TA, from what I'd seen, a TA soldier could bugger up the system in a number of ways.
  2. As far as Iam aware you still use a private car as long as you have business insurance, and sign the relevant form to say you have added this to your policy.

    I added business insurance to my policy, it cost me nothing with those nice people who have a phone with wheels. "That's Better!"
  3. Also ,is anyone aware of having to put receipts in now for missed meals that cost less than £5.00. Prior to 01.02.07 you didn't.
  4. The steer we were given is keep all your receipts.

    Part of the JPA rollout is that we become personally liable for audit, for up to one year after submitting a claim. So find a box on a shelf somewhere to keep them all in!
  5. we have been told to keep reciepts for 6 years
  6. I have a letter on my desk that covers allowances, I'll check it and get back to you on friday (if its relevant and no-one else has answered by then)
  7. msr

    msr LE


    Please could you add it to the wiki, I can see this being a popular question?

  8. Will do
  9. Its irrelevant what you can and cannot claim given the mechanics of it all!

    Have you factored in the number of DII terminals available on a TA weekend in some of the camps you use? Even at a CVHQ how many staff are going to leave their door open so any Tom can go in and feck up their desk? Why you can't use ArmyNet is beyond me!

    I would average it takes 20 minutes per person to submit an expenses claim. 50 people turn up on a MATTS weekend do the maths.

    JPA is great for the Regs but not thought out for TA. Another way of making if difficult - I had the cost of newspapers/mobile phone calls knocked back because I didn't have receipts - even though I signed to say they weren't available.
  10. Think that's bad, try an OTC with about 120+ attending on a drill night.. :frustrated: :frustrated:
  11. msr

    msr LE

    So people won't claim, will get fed up and retention decreases.

    You probably didn't hear it here first...

    P.S. The current system works, it ain't the most efficient, but it ain't broke
  12. Is that implying we have to 'clock on' on drill nights and weekends, as for claims I've made one a year and so was expecting to use the DII room as an office.

    As an big organisation why are we so poor at passing info on?
  13. My info is that recording of attendance isn't changing for now (with the exception of adding a 3/4 day pay rate). Still sign on the AR for bulk input by the clerks or AOs.

    However, some units might work differently...

    For the poster who mentioned OTCs - it will only be an issue if they're all claiming MMA to get to/from the barracks. For attendance recording, see my comments above (and I would assume this also includes home-to-duty allowances).
  14. Ha ha (rolls around the floor, with black nasty covering ribs to stop sides splitting).
  15. So, I've got a 1250 to submit. Do I attach the receipts or hold on to them?