Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by fangy1, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. On Glen Mansel interviewed the Army Head of JPA team, not sure if it was a offr or civvie from Glasgow

    Glen: “Is everyone in the Army today getting the pay and allowances that they are entitled to ?”

    JPA: “As far as we know, yes”

    Am I the only one with problems ? Are the problems experienced in units told t them ? I've not paid for my quarter or fuel and light, had LOA or the correct rate of pay since arriving in March. Coy clk says she doesnt know enough to deal with pay issues, I go to the RAOWO tells me he is not finance [what does that ****ing mean ? he is the badge man ??] the FSA says he has reported my problem and JPA are dealing with it, I explain I must pay my mega Mess bill post summer ball and the rsm/PMC won’t wait for JPA, I go to the RAO and she says it is a techy issue she can’t deal with [so what do RAOs do then?] back to the FASA who phoned JPA, tells him it is a unit problem they must deal with. Everyone blames everone else, why can noone in the SPS or JPA sort ths out. I am Inf, SPS sahould sort this out for me. Im back to square one and going around in a spin of shoulder-sliding.

    If the SPS were a bank I would change account to anoither branch.

    Mrs JPA whoever you are, there ARE pay problems and yoyu need to get get the details from units because they do not know how to sort JPA problems once they happen.

  2. How many forums are you going to post this in you qu1m?
  3. ******* hilarious.
  4. If you aren't receiving LOA since arriving it sounds as if you haven't been properly 'arrived' on the JPA system using a location which will begin the LOA. This can be corrected on JPA from April 1st and any money owed previous to this can be paid manually via the IRP processes.

    I've only ever worked in the UK so I'm not familiar on the set up overseas, forgive me if I'm miles out! Here, Defence Estates Housing Directorate are now responsible for instigating Quarter Charges. Have you asked your local housing office if they deal and what is happening?

    You don't say why your pay rate is wrong. If you were promoted on posting, again during the cutover period, it could be that your MCM people haven't sorted things from their end?
  5. What's the 'IRP process'?

    Can this be used to pay me money owed from backpay, or just LOA? I am owed LOA from June, but backpay from January to the present, but cannot get either as I have not received a posting order, so am not on JPA
  6. The IRP process is currently a spreadsheet (though this is changing after next week) that admin staff can use to stop/start allowances, grant additional pay, take charges etc for pre April 1 2007, as Jthe JPA system for the Army doesn't recognise anything before that date (unless it was already in effect and migrated over)

    It won't be used to sort out your LOA situation as that is post 'go live' but your back pay from Jan till 31 March should be paid that way.

    Are you sure you're not on JPA? How are you being paid?
  7. We don't have any JPA terminals available for us, so I haven't been able to log on for the first time, and besides I don't have a posting order (been here since June) anyway, so neither my unit nor myself can administrate me

    I am being paid to my (British) bank account in the 'normal' way, but as a Private (I'm a lance jack), minus LOA, and getting food charges taken from my pay (I'm at a PAYD camp), and I can't change my bank payments to my german account

    The army owe me a LOT of money and I have no idea what can be done to get it, my CoC have tried to help but they are seemingly fobbed off with the catch-all excuse of "It's JPA"

    Who do I speak to about the IRP process? The chief clerk? Glasgow? And how much of the above owed money can I get hold of sharpish, before I'm in severe financial problems?
  8. JPA is OK, but not as good as the current system. Question is will it ever be?
  9. The current system IS Jpa isn't it :?
  10. That's the theory.
  11. Better to go back to pen and paper and a stroppy admin clerk - at least you can vent your anger on a person rather than a machine
  12. There is the JPA helpline that will log your problem and give you the it will take up to 10 days
  13. Is a lack of a posting order a JPA problem, or a Glasgow not doing their job problem? :evil:
  14. getting far more JPA terminals into units would be a great help there are far far to few terminals to allow you to get accws to the system
  15. The lack of a posting order isn't down to JPA but it is likely to be the cause of all your problems, unfortunately. Are you Admin office chasing this up or can you ask your OC to get on the case?

    I guess your admin office don't want to do anything on JPA till there is an assignement order in place. However, if you are due any food charge back before 1 April they can use the IRP spreadsheet to do this.