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I'm in the process of moving from NI to UK mainland and I'm trying to find out where I find out the allowances I am entitled to? Also if it is now done on JPA as I've only just got my password etc and never used the Live System. On the training disk there isn't much on relocation.

Advice would be ace.
Your admin staff will tell you where to look it up in the book, but of course warn you that if you get it wrong and claim too much you can be had for fraud. Nice of them huh?
My advice would be to invite a friendly ex-leave & movts clerk for a few beers and let him advise you and make a list of what you are entitled to.

If you know one who'll do that for you without the bribe of a few beers or bottle of something, all the better, but if you did you probably wouldn't have posted your request here.
Mate there is no friendly or helpfull clerks at his place 8O :roll: :wink:
There is at the new place where he's going though :D
If you're entitled to Disturbance Allowance (JSP752 lists the criteria and singlies are now included, albeit at a low rate) you will need to claim that on JPA yourself no more than 30 days before your move. Everything else (eg HDT, GYH) is dependent on personal circumstances - location of spouse if there is one, SFA, SLA or your own house, distance from workplace etc. If you bring your own car there may be some MMA entitlement for your journey.

As Plant-Pilot said, a leave/movements clerk will advise you if there is any entitlement to hotel accom in your case.
There is at the new place where he's going though :D
where :?: :?: :?: :?:
As said in the previous post you can claim Disturbance Allowance on JPA. To do this:

Log onto JPA
Click on JPA Self Service Employee - Armed Forces
In the middle column click on Disturbance Allowanc Claim

Once you have done this, you will have some very simple questions to carry out with yes / no answers. This claim is then sent to you clerk for approval. Once it is approved you will recieve your money iaw JSP 752 Article 07.0101

You will also have to apply for Removal Expenses with is done via your Admin Clerk. To do this you need to complete some paperwork with them which they should have. These are deffinately tri-service forms as I have done them for dozens of Army Officers lately. This is normally applied for 6 weeks prior to your move. Please note that this is subject to your approval in you appointment and under the conditions laid down in DSCOM and the link is available in JSP 752 Articel 07.0202.

Hope this helps.

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