JPA Allowances For Pets

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by fingeringhoe, Aug 14, 2010.

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  1. Was wondering, is there any such thing as the above? When I'm deploying I need to put the cats in a cattery, is it possible to claim anything towards the costs as I seem to remember someone telling me they claimed something for their dog but can't remember what it was. As you can imagine it is very expensive.
  2. Definately a Wah!!
  3. Are you taking the piss? Please tell me your are having us on!
  4. Not at all JPA allows you to claim for the cost of a sack, a half dozen bricks and 15p per mile MMA from your place of residence to your nearest canal/river.
  5. Your choice to have pets, the money you save on det will easily cover the fees anyway!
  6. Well I guess that answers my question then!
  7. Have you considered smuggling it/them on tour with you?
  8. Have you not got family who can look after them rather than a cattery.
  9. I provide a free cat sitting service if you're interested?
  10. Sitting on the cat does not count.
  11. It is covered if you are a reservist and are compulsorily mobilised.
  12. Ah, bunch of know-it-alls, You can claim. I did for taking my dog to Canada and returning; over a grand each way.

    Just put the cats in the cattery, when you come back remember to get an invoice/receipt. You claim under miscellaneous expences through JPA.

    Just make sure to let your line manager know, so that they confirm the claim. After all it does look a bit cheeky.
  13. STABs can claim for someone to walk their dog and cut their grass when deployed. I'd mow their lasses's grass for free.
  14. Are you takin the **** ? You can claim but it doesn't mean that there is an entitlement to what you have claimed & been paid ! JPA works on what you enter, I do hope your claim is called for audit.

    I suggest that you protect your pension by going to chat to your OC and say you may have made a terrible mistake.......... **** your line manager

    Are you a MP ? (Westminster not monkey)
  15. Are you TA?

    You appear to know everything.

    Oh, and No. Capital N.