JPA again Advice please

My pay has been wrong since JPA implementation in the army. Every month I am told to wait until the pay run to see if it is sorted, when it isn't i'm then told that it could take up to 10 days to resolve, by which point i've missed the pay deadline and underpaid again (Not a small amount either, talking 50% of my wage a month, living off advances which come straight off the next month). Who is running this system? When they closed Glasgow Zoo did they move the monkeys to JPAC? Would it be worthwhile raising a redress? Each month they close my call saying it is resolved only to open a new one each month.

Feel free to PM me with details if you would like me to have a gander - I won't be able to access your record but may be able to point you in the right direction - what to tell JPAC to do for instance.

gingerslime, without giving too much away, i work in one of the pay back offices in JPAC. I understand your experiences have been pretty bad so far but im happy to help if i can. If you want to, PM me with your details and previous SR/i-Support numbers if you have them and i'll take a look for you. Some of us in the back office have been working with Army pay for years and im sure we can get this sorted. JPA is definitely crap but there are staff who do want to help.

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