Joystick and MIDI issues

Windows XP. No game port on the MB but when I added a sound card recently, it has a MIDI port on it too. Time to dig out my old FS2002 and dust off the joystick (ehem)... Cyborg 2000 by Saitek

The thing is, on the games controllers badger on control panel, it just says 'not connected'...

Any clues anyone?

Do you also have any kind of game controller connected via USB? It ought not to affect a MIDI connection, but, em, sometimes it does.

For anyone else reading this, Windows Vista does not support game controllers connected to MIDI ports.

Edited to add: remove the detected Cyborg from the list of game controllers, Instead add it as a 4 button joystick w/POV and throttle and that will cover the use of the stick perfectly.

Thanks. Cyborg isn't on my list and I added it as 4 button w/POV and throttle...

It then looks for drivers but always says its not connected! Worked fine on my last computer (XP home edn)...

Any other ideas? No USB controllers...

when it's looking for drivers does it find them and add the 4 button with POV or does the list remain empty?

Also, check Device Manager in Control Panel:

and check if you have anything under Sound/video and game controllers called Joystick controller/gameport or gameport controller.

The screengrab is from my system running Vista Ultimate, but the basics are the same.

let us know
It adds a 4 button joystick w/POV and throttle to the list - but then says 'not connected' next to it...

On Device Manager, I then get two new things - one of which is a 'HID' (Human Interface Device), can't remeber the other one....

Didn's see the screen grab but thanks for your help!

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