Joyeux Noel/Merry Christmas 1914 (Movie 2005)



Tag line: France 1914. A moment of humanity that made history.
On Christmas Eve during world War I, the Germans, French, and Scottish are trying to make peace, so they bury their dead and play football.

Wikipedia: "It all begins when the Scots begin to sing Christmas songs, accompanied by bagpipes, and then Sprink responds by singing for his German comrades and exits his trench with a small Christmas tree singing "Adeste Fideles". He leaves the tree in the middle of no-man's-land. The French, German, and Scottish officers meet and agree on a cease-fire for the evening. The various soldiers meet and wish each other "Joyeux Noël," "Frohe Weihnachten" and "Merry Christmas."

This was on last Christmas, bit dusty around Tremaine Cottage as I remember. Anyway there are clips on Youtube, this one for instance:
Watch it from about 3:30 in.
Merry Christmas :eek:
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