Joyeux Noël

Has anyone seen this?

Having read 'Silent Night' by Stanley Weintraub, the film about the Christmas Truce looks very good going by these 9 minutes or so, has anyone seen the film? any comments on it:

Christmas Truce
Yep seen it and got the DVD.

The missus bought the DVD as we already have 'Une hirondelle a fait le printemps' (The Girl from Paris or One Swallow Brought Spring) which he (Cristian Carion) also directed and co-wrote.

Joyeux Noël he also directed and wrote himself after much research. The film is based on many true documented incidents and he basically amalagamated many of them into the one film.

The cast is superb with Dany Boon of 'Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis' (France's most successful film ever) and Ian Richardson is as good as he ever is/was and it was sadly very shortly before he died.

I'm not a great fan of French films having been forced to watch 'Hiroshima Mon Amour' and 'Un Homme et une Femme' at school and they are both (allegedly) cult classics or in plain simple English, pure unadulterated shite.


Carion knows how to tell a story (in pictures and in words), he writes it well because he researched it well and he doesn't overdo it on the schmalz. Well worth a watch IMHO and in my case, well worth a watch again.
Thanks guys, I will definitely order it, it's only around 4 spondoolies on Amazon... 8O
Yes I saw it when it first came out and really enjoyed it. Later I went to the spot where it all took place, although now its just a field, I could picture the events taking place there all that time ago in my mind. Well worth getting.


Mentioned this on another thread, and have to agree it's a great world cinema movie. Never fails to move, when the Jock Padre plays Silent Night on his pipes,
and there's a documentary on the disk about the events portrayed.

Bit of insight in to attitudes from Top brass and the Church, on all sides, about such short Christmas truces.
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