Jowells next step in her drive for Prescotts job


So, in common with Tessa Jowell, I'll give my opinion on this report before it's even published:

How about people being thankful for surviving and being grateful for the emergency services' response? As opposed to complaining about the absence of a meeting point and having to hold on for the Met's call centre.
Jowells a nasty piece of work, but cannot be as incompetant and 'class War is the only War!' as Prezza
Tesa Jowell is a particularly nasty careerist politician, with the moral fantasist characteristics of Tony Blair and the smug self-regard of Gordon Brown. So in many ways ideal as a deputy leader of new Labour. Her old labour credentials are not quite as squeaky. She is as middle-class as they come, public school educated and a relatively late entrant into parliament, getting the nod from the fluffy bunny liberals of Dulwich in 1992. She first stood in 1978. Somewhere else.

She was a social worker and then worked for MIND, after attending three Universities. Definitely thinks she is one of the intelligentsia. she is on or indeed possibly past her second marriage, despite still sticking to her first husband's surname. He too was a Labour local government player and is one of the tertiary industrialists so beloved of NL!

Basically she hasn't got an old Labour bone in her body and what with jowellgate and her dear husband's Italian difficulties, has not covered herself in glory lately.

Her political record is best summed up as:-
Very strongly for introducing foundation hospitals.
Very strongly for introducing student top-up fees.
Quite strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
Very strongly for the Iraq war.
Very strongly for the fox hunting ban.
Quite strongly for equal gay rights.

Her attendance in the house is recorded as "below average" as is her speaking record. when she does speak her speeches are assessed as being capabler of understanding by 17-18 year olds, so she really is as patronising as she sounds on TV. On the plus side she doesn't rip the p1ss out of her allowances...
eveyuk said:
She is as patronising as a conservative, she's someone who makes me change channels as soon as she comes on.

Vote Dita!
Just like Margaret Beckett.....

Jowell and Beckett, the French and Saunders of Westminster - painful to watch, worse to listen to

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