Journos arrested

Two Jounalist from the Daily Mirror have been arrested trying to plant a fake bomb on a train, sorry no link.

From BBC news 24.



F*ckwits. What are they on? I hope they get time for this. The excuse will be that they were 'testing' security. Well lads, it works and you've got 18 months each.
You would think the Daily Mirror would think twice about trying to fake anything considering their track record.

I hope they throw the book at the stupid, arrogant, sanctimonious snivilling little weasely sh!ts!
Agree with Biscuits_AB and BBR....

However. Like the cnut that I am, I left a rucksack on a First Great Western train from Paddington to Hereford, complete with laptop and loads of wires and crap in it. This was the week after 7/7.

I got off the train at Charlbury (pished), realised my mistake, thought that would be the last I saw of it and went home.

Then I phoned the Brit Transport Police, FGW and everyone else I could think of in case there was a security alert.

I needn't have worried. The train got as far as Great Malvern to be cleaned - nobody noticed the rucksack - and got as far back as Worcester Shrub Hill where a very brave soul picked up said luggage and put it in the station office until I could arrive to pick it up and buy them all a bottle of champagne.

Contents of bag intact.

Embarrassment factor huge.

Security breach? Possible, IMHO.
devilish said:
You would think the Daily Mirror would think twice about trying to fake anything considering their track record.

I hope they throw the book at the stupid, arrogant, sanctimonious snivilling little weasely sh!ts!
my bold.

their track record. approx 100% fiction and they have been cought a few times (alledgedly)! this is par for the course.

With pr*cks like this "testing" security, how are the security services meant to keep tabs on the real terrorists.

No doubt they were trying for a gloating story about how slack security is on the rail network. I very much doubt we'll now see a story about how good security is.

Tell you what scumbags. If you're out of prison by the next time I visit Iraq, why don't you "pretend" to be suicide bombers and "test" our security.
Two thoughts on this.

Firstly, these two should face the full force of the laws relating to anti-terrorism - no excuses! Slam this pair of utter 'no-brains' as hard as the law allows. (Having said that, if you break the law under the regime of Bliar and Cyclops - walk away - unless you are public school or 'Oxbridge').

Secondly, these tw*ts are reported as being from the 'Daily Mirror' - therefore, no charges will be preferred.
'Could'? Are your police chappies getting a bit soft? :wink:

Much as I'd love to think that the CPS will prosecute and they'll get sent down, I expect that the rule that says bomb hoaxers are exempt from prosecution if they work for tabloids will apply...
If only that 'cabbie' had gone the extra inch - if only! Whoever you are 'cabbie'- I salute you.

As a London resident, but wholly Welsh blooded old fool, I loved the Scottish response to this outrage.

PS. I am shocked and ashamed that I did not congratulate whoever discovered these two half-witted 'Mirror' tw*ts. Please let their trial be swift and their sentence be LONG!
I remember once another TV journo, (fat tw*t regularly used to get beaten up - can't remember his name) did a TV expose on lax security at airports. Built a mock-up bomb "look its made of marzipan which is the same colour and smell as explosives and attached to a clock with wires". Got through the checks unsurprisingly

When the airport management were challenged they did point out they were not normally concerned about confectionary, but could adjust their equipment to detect cakes if he wanted - otherwise F**k off.

He still went ahead with programme - guess some gullible people listened to him.

What a great story it would have been if these guys had been slotted. At their trial can they ask for many other offences of journalistic stupidity to be taken into account in sentencing.
Great, more irresponsible reporters. They're lucky they didn't get a 9mm front page story. Fingers crossed it'll make front page news that the Met did a good job today and detectecd their fae bomb.
Edit: Herrump you mean Roger Cook?
I thought Jouros were supposed to be edumicated? Not a month has passed since 2 major terror attacks happened in our Great Country and these fcukin' halfwits try to plant a bomb on a train!?!

Well done to whoever spotted and stopped them in their tracks(no pun intended) and a good combat indicator to the level of awareness within the transport industry.

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