Journos arrested

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by devilish, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Two Jounalist from the Daily Mirror have been arrested trying to plant a fake bomb on a train, sorry no link.

    From BBC news 24.

  2. F*ckwits. What are they on? I hope they get time for this. The excuse will be that they were 'testing' security. Well lads, it works and you've got 18 months each.
  3. Its a pity the right people could not have given the nod to the Met. :wink:
  4. "conspiracy to cause a public nuisance and conspiracy to cause fear of violence"

    :rubs hands with glee:
  5. You would think the Daily Mirror would think twice about trying to fake anything considering their track record.

    I hope they throw the book at the stupid, arrogant, sanctimonious snivilling little weasely sh!ts!
  6. Agree with Biscuits_AB and BBR....

    However. Like the cnut that I am, I left a rucksack on a First Great Western train from Paddington to Hereford, complete with laptop and loads of wires and crap in it. This was the week after 7/7.

    I got off the train at Charlbury (pished), realised my mistake, thought that would be the last I saw of it and went home.

    Then I phoned the Brit Transport Police, FGW and everyone else I could think of in case there was a security alert.

    I needn't have worried. The train got as far as Great Malvern to be cleaned - nobody noticed the rucksack - and got as far back as Worcester Shrub Hill where a very brave soul picked up said luggage and put it in the station office until I could arrive to pick it up and buy them all a bottle of champagne.

    Contents of bag intact.

    Embarrassment factor huge.

    Security breach? Possible, IMHO.
  7. my bold.

    their track record. approx 100% fiction and they have been cought a few times (alledgedly)! this is par for the course.

  8. nothing will happen, it never does. A couple of years in wanno would be a proper deterrent for this kind of thing

  9. Show trial exclusive for the Mirror in a few months time?! Agree with Biscuits_AB, 18 months, should focus their journalistic talents. Yep. Feckwits!
  10. With pr*cks like this "testing" security, how are the security services meant to keep tabs on the real terrorists.

    No doubt they were trying for a gloating story about how slack security is on the rail network. I very much doubt we'll now see a story about how good security is.

    Tell you what scumbags. If you're out of prison by the next time I visit Iraq, why don't you "pretend" to be suicide bombers and "test" our security.
  11. Damned fools... a stunt like that here could get you shot by police.
  12. Two thoughts on this.

    Firstly, these two should face the full force of the laws relating to anti-terrorism - no excuses! Slam this pair of utter 'no-brains' as hard as the law allows. (Having said that, if you break the law under the regime of Bliar and Cyclops - walk away - unless you are public school or 'Oxbridge').

    Secondly, these tw*ts are reported as being from the 'Daily Mirror' - therefore, no charges will be preferred.
  13. 'Could'? Are your police chappies getting a bit soft? :wink:

    Much as I'd love to think that the CPS will prosecute and they'll get sent down, I expect that the rule that says bomb hoaxers are exempt from prosecution if they work for tabloids will apply...
  14. Wishful thinking over here mate...unless your Brazilian :(
  15. Or beaten to inches of your life by any witnesses in Scotland... where's a good old cabby when you need one? ;)