Journo Marie Colvin killed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cyclic, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Why not? She had a difficult and dangerous job granted, but government troops actively targeting media reporters is illegal and by her accounts of the siege of Homs, the Syrian government is committing some rather extreme atrocities in there. I respect her for going into a conflict zone armed only with her microphone in order to try and get some truth out. Not that the international community can act on it due to the Iran connection, but nevertheless she was a gutsy chick.

    Plus the eyepatch turns me on a little bit.
  2. I just get the feeling that to many female war reporters have a personal point to prove , Kate Aidie being one of them.
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  3. As well as a journo, was she a kind of pirate?

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  4. Bit harsh, there, Cyclic. She was a good war correspondent, brave, unbiased and generally pretty accurate. Shame altogether, condolences to her near and dear.
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  5. I just get the feeling most of her type would not give a stuff about others saftey so long as they got their story.
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  6. I don't think she had a point to prove, I don't think she would want sympathy, I am sure she was and always has been fully aware of the risks posed to her and those around her. She was a decent war journalist who died doing a job she clearly loved doing. RIP and fair play.
  7. I think we should look for her own to write her epitaph.* Jeremy Bowen gave us a good starter for 10 on World AT One today. Hundreds are getting killed daily, despite the efforts of brave journalists like Marie, we seem to have developed institutional blindness.

    As they said on twitter the other week " Whitney Houston and 200 Syrians died today". If this is not ethnic cleansing, I don't know what is, this is going to turn out a lot worse than Sebrenica.

    The sooner they find oil in Homs the better.

    IMHO the other parallel thread has a bit more to offer than this one.

    * here's another Bill Neely « National News Blog I hope Mick Smith can find it to give us his read as well.

    RIP and deepest sympathy to all family and colleagues
  8. According to some ARSSE pundits it's only light shelling, so they should think themselves lucky.
  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Seems a rather lucky strike on the front door-step.

    The bloke was in a photo in her article in the last Sunday Times and was presumably one of her team.
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Gosh. Imagine that in some parallel universe somebody posted a thread about this news back when it was news?

    I get the feeling that most of the Mil type would not give a stuff about others safety so long as they got free scran and the occasional leg-over with some fat slapper. But I tend not to take the piss when one of them carks it.
  11. Is "I just get the feeling" a new on-trend shorthand for "I am about to talk utter shite"?
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  12. Poor woman, fancy that, her getting killed twice in one forum!
  13. I have a feeling that's the case.
  14. You've missed the point mate. She was a good Journo, she could have spent her days in relative safety. Instead she chose to report from the world's hell holes because she believed what she was doing might influence people of power and save or change some lives.

    She is one of many journalist who have given their lives for the greater good of people-kind.

    It is a simple fact of life that journalists provide the information that moves people and without them (journos) governments at all quarters would be even more corrupt than they already are.

    Journalist are the people that bring you the images and the reports. Without journalists most people's understanding of what is taking place in the world would be almost zero.

    She was a modern day Fritz Gerlich and is missed by those who knew her.
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