Journo hypocrisy? Radio 2 discussion now.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lucky_Jim, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. 'Why do newspapers print pictures putting British troops in danger but not cartoons that might put themselves in danger?'

    Topic about to be discussed on Radio 2. Yes I know it's Jeremey Vine, but there might be some interesting points raised.
  2. A discussion about journalistic hypocrisy on the BBC? Does this strike anyone else as being deliciously ironic?
  3. Would be worth a listen. Despite what some may think, I reckon Vine generally plays a good devil's advocate despite sometimes getting a bit too involved.
  4. Time?
  5. Jeremy Vine is on the air now but the subject may be covered later.
  6. Listening in, some flim flamming by guy who's phoning in ...

    "Well you can see them on the net so that means it's OK not to"
  7. Great link LostBoss!
  8. Should We Have Printed The Iraqi Beating's Pictures?

    Where's that Lynn Truss when we need her :roll:
  9. Caught a few minutes of this. Some excellent 'phone ins from the public including one (ex?) serviceman who hammered the NOTW and linked it with a plea for the government "just for once" to support us and cite the NOTW. Also on air was the mother of a troopie in theatre at the moment who linked the release of the NOTW photos with the recent deaths in Al Amara and said tha the editor of the NOTW was guilty of corporate manslaughter but rightly should be charged with murder. Good for once to hear direct comment from the people as a whole and not the mealy-mouthed utteranvces from Westminster village.
  10. Absolutely.
  11. 77% say no so far...
  12. Great thread but I feel that the only way to get back at the NOTW is to stop buying or even reading it. Just like the Sun it's a popular paper with squaddies and the only way to hurt them is to stop financing them. Stop buying them and stop your mates doing so as well.

    Boycott it. Get your families and friends to do the same. These people get squadies killed because they make money out of selling papers and when squaddies get killed, they make more money out of selling more papers.

    Do the right thing.
  13. Hate to vomit into your kettle, but do you really think the few servicemen who buy it make that big a
    contribution to the sales figures anyway? That's the problem with all this 'don't buy it' attitude. Noone could really
    give a flying f**k about the minority group composed of British servicemen, (and women) not even the
    disgusting excuse for a government which is happy to stand about for photos with a carefully selected group of
    soldiers displaying an admirable cross section of Britain's multicultural society. Do the right thing? refuse to speak to any MP who may, on becoming lost, wander into your camp for any reason. That should get them thinking.