Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mac7778, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. So given the front pages of todays papers :x :x

    How do we all feel about journalists this morning??? :?:

    And is any of it reckoned to be true???
  2. Given the abundance of threads on similar topics, the mood is clear.
  3. 90% Reptiles 10% Pussycats - give or take...
  4. Let's not all tar them with the same brush - for every "CGS ate my hamster" headline, there are many journalists that do produce balanced pieces.I grant you, they are in the minority though.

    Awaits incoming...
  5. Where well-balanced, well-researched pieces exist that report objectively and independently of the news of the day, journalists are a good and welcome addition to society. Equally, where disgraceful activity has taken place by public servants and the journalists provide evidence to the law enforcement community (note: not to a wider, judgmental non-specialist audience) they have value also.

    Other than in these circumstances - for example, when some news organisations (Daily Mail in particular) establish themselves as the "moral arbiters" of society, or seek to provide putrid titillation to the masses (The Sun, as an example) - journalistic activities can be little short of prurient.
  6. I love them. A well researched and well-written article challenges my thinking and makes me happy or, perhaps, sad.

    A poorly researched and written article raises my blood pressure and makes me want to kill the t**t who wrote it. As a soldier, I have to keep up my adrenaline levels in order to maintain my aggressive and dominant outlook. Ergo, reading today's newspapers keeps me focussed on my task; killing people. :twisted:



    ...and breathe...
  7. Other way around I believe.
    It's the 10% of bad un's that make 90% of the headlines that we disagree with. A bit like in our society where 90% of the country's wealth is held by less than 10% of the population, or so it's said.

    If we keep branding all journo's as scum we are doing nothing by way of winning support for issues that still are not fully understood by the public,
    Grays Lane being a prime example, had the support of the media not been there to highlight the issue I fear the outcome 'might' not have been resolved in such a positive manner. How many here turned to the media for support? I'll wager a few!
    Maybe we should interprete some articles of late as an attempt to embarrass the MOD and the Government in that they are attempting to gag our forces from highlighting the way they are not giving our people adequate equipment, rations and aftercare.
  8. Don't think muich of them, myself....
  9. 100% in agreement to this post. Just like in most aspects of society, it is the minority that causes the most trouble/mischief - journalists are no different. There are a great number of supportive journalists and columnists out there and we need them more than ever.
    The majority of us on this site were quick to praise the journos who came out in support of 36 Grays Lane and we should hesitate to tar them all as scum when an "anti-armed forces" story hits the front page of a newspaper.
    By all means castigate the well known "lazy" journalist, but let's not drag ourselves down to their level on this site. :oops: