Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Whiskybreath, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Am I wrong, or has there been an extraordinary surge in ARRSE membership since the start of the Iranian PR putsch?

    Are all these ********* journalists? Or do the berks of the world just feel drawn to asking ******** questions on an Army-related site when something newsworthy happens to the Navy?
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I have noticed the number of "visitors" has jumped from normally around 150 to the 300+ mark.


    Journo's - If you're willing to pay a fat fool £100,000+ for a load of chav bumpf, how about a few donations to the RBL for every Arrser you misquote tomorrow.

    You pack of savages.
  3. They think we're all the same. Now where did I put that frigate I had earlier?
  4. got to agree, having found this site only recently i have watched what's being talked about and now feel that even though my service was thirty years ago(ten years TA york Vols) i was always taught to engage brain prior to operating mouth(or in this case fingers) and if you don't know what you are talking about SAY NOWT!! respect to all those serving past and present good to see that honest debate is alive and well.
  5. Perhaps it could be something to do with all the press coverage that ARRSE has received recently? Loads of ARRSE members quoted, perhaps they have just woken up to the fact, if you want the truth, get your ARRSE in gear and read the truth here!
  6. Seem to me every news story about a conflict that the British Army is involved in has a quote from arrse, more recently from the Iranian story.

    Maybe lots of peeps a looking to have in insight to the warped squaddie mind :)
  7. Quotes, schmotes, I'm trying for the TV interviews.

    Having invested in a nice white blouse with matching headscarf, I can almost see all those zeros on the cheque.
  8. Isn't it just a case that ARRSE provides journalists with probably the quickest, easiest and I suggest the most accurate vox pop view of the armed forces?
  9. Well Tv advertising works doesn't it, over on RR we've had alot of new members..some good some bad, the good ones are the ex or still serving forces personell brit and yank, the bad...well they'll drift of when they get bored or shown to be the idiots that they are. So all in all I think we've probably gained a few more valubale members.